How to use Splat hair dye instructions?

Splat hair dye instructions are easy to follow. The instructions are clear and simple, with a step-by-step guide on how to mix the dye and apply it to your hair.

The instructions also include a list of the tools you will need, such as gloves, a bowl, and a brush.

Splat hair dye is made up of three parts: developer, colorant, and activator.

It is important that you mix these ingredients in the right proportions so that your hair can be dyed evenly.

The mixture needs to be stirred well before it is applied to your hair.

After applying the mixture to your head, cover it with plastic wrap for about 10 minutes before washing off the excess dye in the shower or bathtub.

Splat hair dye instructions are a little different than other hair dyes. You need to be careful with the order in which you apply the three steps.

  • The first step is to mix the colorant with the developer.
  • The second step is to apply the colorant and developer mixture to your hair and leave it on for 10-30 minutes.
  • The third step is to rinse out the mixture and apply a conditioner or shampoo to your hair.

Splat use a two-part system, instead of just one part like many other brands do. This means that you have to mix together both parts before applying it onto your hair. But don’t worry, this will only take about 30 seconds!

Below is the directions on how to use Splat hair dye:

Preparing to dye hair with Splat

Choose the sections of your hair you want to color.

Perform a strand test to determine how long to color your hair to achieve your desired shade.

Strand test instructions:

To see what your hair color will look like, we suggest you do a preliminary hair strand test:

1. Put on a protective gloves.

2. Pick a 20 to 30 strands of hair to test that you usually don’t keep visible. This will not have an impact on your hairstyle on a day-to-day basis.

3. Using plastic clips, separate the rest of your hair away from the test strands, so that the test strands do not touch the rest of your hair after the hair color has been applied.

IMPORTANT: This product can cause allergic reactions, which in certain rare cases, can be severe.

To minimize the risk of an allergic reaction, you must follow these precautions:

Skin allergy test instructions:

Do the allergy test at least 48 hours before coloring your hair.

• Cleanse an area the size of a quarter in the bend of your elbow with soap and water. Pat dry.

• Apply mixture to the test area with a cotton swab or cotton ball. Tightly recap bottle.

• Let test hair color dry. Do not wash, cover or disturb for 48hrs.

• Examine the test area periodically over the next 48hrs. If you experience any reactions such as redness, burning, itching, swelling, skin abrasions, eruptions or irritation in or around the test area, Do not color your hair until you consult a doctor.

If you want to see a video on how to apply this product, go to Splat’s website and watch their tutorial.

Directions for using Splat hair dye:


• For best results, your hair must be

completely dry.

• Protect your clothes, wear an old t-shirt,

cape and/or old towel and cover your


CAUTION: Splat will stain your skin, clothes and anything else it comes into contact with.


• Put on gloves, or your hands

will match your hair.

• Protect forehead, neck, and

ears with petroleum jelly to

prevent staining of the skin.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with skin, clothes, and any surface when using Splat


• Shake Splat Color bottle thoroughly

prior to applying color to hair


• Process color for 5 to 30 minutes depending

on how bold you want your color. The shorter

the processing time, the lighter the color will be.

WARNING: Do not rub product into the scalp. The color will quickly stain your hair, skin and clothing. If the color gets on your skin, wash it off with a damp cloth immediately or use Color removing wipes. No other product removes permanent hair dye like Color removing wipes!


• Rinse hair well, and with cold water to avoid

staining and to help lock in color.

• Always use an old towel when drying hair.

CAUTION: Splat Color is extremely concentrated, so it’s important to use a towel that’s not the same color when drying your hair.


• Dry and style your hair

as desired.

Splat hair dye instructions timing chart

Splat hair dye is applied to the hair and left on for a set amount of time. The timing chart below shows how long the developer should be left on the hair, depending on the shade of color desired.

Splat hair dye instructions timing chart

Splat hair dye instructions with bleach

How to use Splat hair dye instructions with bleach


Put on protective clothing (old t-shirt, towel, color cape) and cover the surrounding area.

Put on gloves.

Comb hair to eliminate tangles.

Section hair into 4 equal parts.

Apply petroleum jelly around hairline and top of ears.


Put on gloves before mixing.

Carefully remove nozzle from SPLAT OXIDE bottle, while pointing bottle away from face and eyes.

Carefully pour half the content of SPLAT LIGHTENING BLEACH packet into the SPLAT OXIDE bottle.

Recap Splat bottle, point bottle away from face and cut tip.

Place gloved finger over open tip and gently shake for 1 minute.

Pour remaining lightening bleach powder into bottle, recap bottle and gently shake for 1-2 minutes or until mixture becomes creamy.


Apply to clean, dry hair.

Apply immediately after mixing.

Keep bleach 1/4 inch off the scalp.

To ensure even saturation, take small sections.

Double-check for any missed spots and make sure you’re massaging it in with your gloves on.


The timing will differ depending on hair type and desired outcome.

Keep a check every 10 minutes to see how the lightning progresses.


**Immediately after using bleach, remove nozzle from bottle and point it away from your face, rinse the area and discard the bottle as it can build pressure and burst.

Rinse & Wash Hair

Rinse your hair with lukewarm to cold water

Shampoo thoroughly.

Condition and rinse.

Dry Hair

Dry and style as desired.

* Next add a bold shade – be sure to completely dry your hair.

*If hair is not the desired shade after 1 application, some people may need a second application. Avoid getting your hair lightened every few days as this can cause damage. Wait at least 2 weeks (14 days) and apply again!

Splat hair dye instructions without bleach

Splat hair dye instructions without bleach are easy to follow. You can create a nice color without the use of bleach. All you need is a little bit of patience, some water and a few household items!

1)Apply color to dry hair.

2)Wear gloves to avoid dirtying your hands.

3)Apply the product generously to dry hair.

4)To evenly mix the color comb it through the hair

5)For better results, leave the dye on for 45 minutes.

6)For thicker hair, it’s best to wait an extra 15 minutes before rinsing your color.

7)Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the color.

8)Shampoo and condition your hair.

9)Rinse, dry and style your hair for desired results.

10)If you plan on getting your hair to a longer length, you may need more than one box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wash my hair before using splat hair dye?

If you have been debating whether or not to wash your hair before using Splat hair dye, the answer is yes.

The reason for this is that hair dye can leave residue in the hair and it will be harder to get it out if you have not washed your hair beforehand.

Fighting with stubborn stains after dying your hair is no fun. You can avoid this by washing your hair before using any kind of dyes, especially those that are permanent.

Do you have to bleach your hair to use splat?

Splat is a hair dye that does not contain peroxide. It is made with natural ingredients which are safe for your hair and the environment.

The question of whether you need to bleach your hair before using Splat comes up often. The answer is no, you don’t have to bleach your hair before using Splat.


Splat hair dye instructions are not difficult to follow. They are easy to understand and use, and the product have the potential to be a great addition to your hair dye routine.


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