Post Malone hairstyle tutorial

Post Malone hairstyle tutorial

In this article, we will be going through Post Malone hairstyle tutorial.

Post Malone is a pop singer and songwriter who has been in the spotlight since his debut album, Stoney. His hairstyles are always on point and his hair is a big part of what makes him so unique.

Recently, Post Malone shared a video of him changing his hair color to blue with an instructional video on how he did it. He also posed for pictures with fans while wearing the new color.

The tutorial was filmed in just 5 minutes which speaks to how quick and easy it was for Post to do his hair. This article will go through the process that Post took to change his hair from black to blue, including what steps he took and how to steal this look for yourself.

Step-by Step how to get hair like Post Malone?

Post Malone has a unique hair style, which is quite popular in today’s music industry. The rockstar has been rocking this style since the release of his hit single ‘White Iverson’ back in 2011.

To achieve this hairstyle, the artist uses a technique called ‘two french braids’ that has been trending since the 1980s.

A simple beginner’s guide on how to do Post Malone’s 2 french braids:

Step 1: In general, let’s say that you want to take a section of hair and divide it into 3 equal sections.

Step 2: Take the top strand and cross it over and into the middle.

Step 3: Bring the bottom strand over and into the middle.

Step 4: Pick up a small section of hair next to the top strand. The two strands are going to be put together.

Step 5: You need to add the hair you just picked up to the top of your strand.

Step 6: Cross the strands over one another so that they are then intersecting in the middle..

Step 7: You will have to pick up a new section of hair next to the bottom strand..

Step 8: You’ll need to add the hair you just picked up to the bottom strand rather than intertwining them.

Step 9: Cross the two strands over and into the middle.

Step 10: To style this type of hair, start by picking up some hair next to the top strand and adding it to the top strand. Then cross the top strand over and into the middle.

Step 11: Pick up some hair next to the bottom strand and add it to the bottom strand. Then cross the bottom strand over and into the middle.

Step 12: You will need three sections to do this, so you will go through steps 10-11 until you reach the nape of the neck to pick out one section. You can then braid that hair like a normal braid.

Post Malone braids

Post Malone is a young rapper who has capitalized on his style, integrity, and rebellious attitude – while staying relevant to audiences. His ability to subvert conventional societal norms combined with his talent for catchy beats has made him one of the best new voices of this generation.

Post Malone’s fashion choices have been unmatched and his unique choice of hairstyle is making him the up-and-coming ‘genre-defying’ and ‘one to watch’. His great music, as well as his leadership as an entertainer makes him somebody to remember.

In the case of Post Malone, now let’s not delay this any longer! We’ve taken a look at 7 different hairstyles from the modern rapper and found out which ones he still likes to wear. And interestingly enough, we can often find him switching back and forth between a few of them. All we can do is sit back and take in the magic.

Post Malone short hair

If you watched any of Post Malone’s music videos, you would notice that he often wore his hair in different ways. Apart from cornrows, he also wore his hair in french braids & topknots or leaving it down freely.

He had some long dreads, but he recently decided to get a haircut that he’s been posting about. Fans have been wildly sharing & commenting on his new shorter hairstyle, so it’s pretty exciting. plz don’t stop listening to my music.” Seth Rogen quickly quoted the tweet, saying “You stole my hairdo.” A lot of netizens agreed on it.

Post Malone long hair

This Post Malone hairstyle consists of two long strands of hair that are gathered to make the French braid hairstyle.

The hairstyle is also a good option for men who have long curly hair. The best way to achieve this style is by using a flat iron, along with some hairspray or gel.

In terms of color, Post Malone prefers to keep it natural. His secret hairstylist would recommend using either a lighter brown or reddish tone for this look.

Post Malone hair bun

One of his biggest moments at the 2018 American Music Awards was when he did a dramatic change with his hair before performing on stage. Many fans loved it, but some were initially put off by it.

Some believed that he looked too “cute” to be a rapper. However, Justin Bieber was one of the few who said the hair bun look was “beautiful.”

Although he was a six-time Grammy nominee and had a long career, many fans were unhappy with his new hairstyle. The singer even posted an encouraging message on Instagram, urging them to keep listening.

Post Malone cornrows

Post Malone wrote the song after getting cornrows that he thought resembled Basketball Hall of Famer Allen Iverson’s signature cornrows.

The rapper’s hair had a long time association with gross hygiene cues and became the singer’s signature look for a while. As a result, women avoided wearing their hair in fear that they’d be looked at differently.

Post Malone new hair

Post Malone new hairstyle is pretty interesting. It looks like he is trying to tell us something with his hair. The stylist who did his hair has all the answers.

His hairstyle of choice, the Caesar cut which was popularized in the 90s by celebrities like George Clooney and Eminem, is a sign that he’s not balding.

Between then and now, it was seen as really awful. Especially since it’s one of the things that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gets roasted and memed for.

Post Malone’s haircut is far from that. It’s a cool mix of swag and Ancient Roman dapper. We’re sure he’s the only one who can pull off this new hairstyle.

Post Malone cut his hair

Post Malone’s hair, tattoos, and style have been a defining part of his constantly developing style. In 2020, the self-declared rock star shaved his head and had it tattooed. He’d gone completely bald. All that was left on his scalp were tattoos including a strikingly large skull.

It drew more negative reactions. Many of his fans were already concerned about his increasing face tattoos over the years. The “cute” compliment for his previous hair situation was now replaced with “scary.”

Malone said that he decided to go bald because his hair was thinning. He might be joking. He probably just wanted to get more tattoos. Interestingly, that hobby started because of Justin Bieber.


Post is a hairstylist in the Heat universe, and you can tell he has had so much success because he always seems to have an idea that is so ambitious it’s amazing. He will consistently be making your day by giving you a new hair color or textured look that only enhances your style.


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