loreal hicolor red vs magenta

Loreal Hicolor red vs Magenta which one should you choose?

What are the differences between Loreal Hicolor red vs Magenta is a question that many people ask themselves. The answer to this question comes down to personal preference.

Today, I had two friends visit the salon. They wanted to try different colors for their hair and went for a magenta dye.

L’Oréal developed a line of hair dye called HiColor to color your hair without having to bleach it. I highly recommend it to my friends..

Besides suggesting to go with the HiColor line, I also wanted to get the whole story straight because I had planned to propose a change of plans.

I knew that even though both of them wanted to get magenta hair, the right color for everyone isn’t always so simple.

What did I mean? “I looked at their skin color to decide” is simple, but not directly appropriate.

Alicia’s skin is pale, so I suggest adding a bit more color to her hair with Loreal hicolor red.

Justina’s skin color is brown. I suggested trying a color to change her hair with Hicolor magenta to make it appear lighter.

Both Alicia and Justina accepted my suggestions to wear these two colors, as they are designed for daring people who want to make a difference.

Do you think of yourself as someone who is bold and would rather stand out than blend in?

Then, i must say you’re on the right track my friend.

Do you want to create a vivid color or have a brighter one? Before making this decision, it’s important to understand the differences between Hicolor magenta vs Loreal Hicolor red.

Want to find out which color best suits your skin tone.

Then, let’s get started

4 differences between L’Oréal Hicolor magenta and red?

L’Oréal Hicolor magenta and red are colors that are often confused. They both have a similar shades of red but they are different colors.

This section of the article discusses the 4 differences between these two hair dyes and what makes them different.

Difference 1: Loreal Hicolor red is for pale skin, while Hicolor magenta highlights the features of dark skin.

Loreal Hicolor red is warm, on the warmer side of red, and ideal for those with pale or lighter skin tones. It’s a good choice to conceal imperfection while providing the warmth many need.

If your cheekbones are prominent, you can use this product to distract from them. Use Loreal Hicolor red on your hair to draw attention away from those areas.

The color red is often considered a focal point and the protagonist in the hair color you choose to go with.

Hicolor magenta is a cool-toned color that looks great on dark skin and creates the look most people are looking for.

It will also help conceal imperfections and create a uniform appearance in certain areas of your face.

Colors often project different styles such as green is nurturing, purple is extravagant, and yellow is happy.

  • In case of Loreal Hicolor Red, you’ll achieve a striking and sophisticated style.
  • For a romantic or elegant look, try selecting Hicolor magenta range.

Difference 2: Loreal Hicolor red fades to orange, and hicolor magenta fades to reddish.

Hair dyes from L’oreal Hicolor range typically last six weeks or longer, depending on the care you put into your hair. For more information, we’ll talk about this later.

Using Loreal Hicolor red or Hicolor magenta in your hair may cause the color to fade after a few washes.

As Loreal Hicolor red fades, orange tones may appear.


HiColor dyes fade over a period of time because they are applied to your hair with a 30 volume developer, and when the red pigments fade, a new orange color will emerge.

You can then re-apply the Hicolor red to make the orange disappear.

This product contains red, blue, and green pigments and will result in a reddish hue when Hicolor magenta starts to fade.

The blue neutralizes the orange. As time goes on and your magenta starts to fade away, your hair will probably start to shift towards red.

If your hair is starting to turn the wrong color, you have a couple of choices. You could use Hicolor magenta, which is low-maintenance and lasts through several shampoos. Or you could use Loreal Hicolor Red or Hicolor Violet, which also last for several shampoos.

Mixing two different colors to achieve a ‘personalized’ look is a trend that’s been around for awhile. Magenta & Violet can easily be used to create a unique color.

Difference 3: If you dye your hair with Hicolor magenta, you should be dark. If you dye your hair with Loreal Hicolor red, you should opt for neutral shades and light lip color.

Obviously this is in general terms. If you want to use Hicolor red hair dye and wear a red lipstick, there’s nothing stopping you.

The balance between the colors you wear in your hair and the colors your use on your eyes and lips is easy – try adding a complementary color to both of those.

This elongated tip is intended to help you highlight or hide imperfections on your face.

Hicolor red is good for dying and you may want to go with earthy tones or beige. Please try to avoid dark browns or oranges.

You can highlight your lips if you have an evening party with a plum-colored lipstick.

For the perfect makeup look, try pairing a Hicolor magenta hair dye with bold silver & gold eyeshadow shades. With these trendy choices, you’ll discover this season’s hottest styles.

From time to time, it’s a good idea to highlight your eyes with eyeliner. Some people use black and others use purple, but eye-catching colors like neon green are also recommended if you have light colored eyes.

Difference 4: Loreal Hicolor red goes best with green and blue garments, while Hicolor magenta will stand out with white, purple, and pink garments.

The use of different colors comes with some benefits, but it can also create a sense of chaos. The trick is to have a balance: integrating the different shades evenly and creating harmony for your wardrobe.

People often purchase a bright color of hair dye that doesn’t compliment the face or hair and usually turn out looking somewhat garish.

If you are having a party and want to keep fashion in mind, it’s best to stick with dark or metallic hues and perhaps dye your Hicolor red.

Consider using multiple colors in your outfit to show those parts where you really stand. Have some lime green & orange on one part, but a single red shirt elsewhere.

A number of studies have shown that color combinations such as purple, orange, and reddish can result in an explosion of attention-getting experiences for the wearer.

For more depth to your magenta hair, pink clothes will work well and for softness, simply choose dresses that are white.

Avoid very dark brown clothes or black because they take away the light of your face and hair.

Hicolor magenta vs Loreal Hicolor red? With the use of a hair care routine as important, you should be very careful.

  • You’re likely not washing your hair every day because it will deprive you of moisture and fade the color faster. Ideally, you should wash your hair every 72-hour intervals to prevent damage and to make the color last longer.
  • Avoid overusing heat tools or exposing hair to the sun without protecting it.
  • The use of sulfate-free products minimizes the amount of damage that hair gets done when it’s washed, so shampoos, conditioners, and masks are often recommended as they can also help with pH balance.
  • Using a moisturizing mask too often can actually be damaging. Make sure you follow the instructions for use on packaging and stay within the recommended time frame.


Difference 1: Hicolor magenta is better for dark skin while Loreal Hicolor red is best for fair skin.

Difference 2: Hicolor magenta will generally fade to a reddish tone, while Loreal Hicolor red will usually fade to orange.

Difference 3: If you apply Hicolor magenta to your hair, adding bold makeup will improve your entire look. If you decide to use Loreal Hicolor red, you will need to maintain a neutral color pallet.

Difference 4: The best colors to pair together are black, purple and green. The color magenta is best paired with white, while L’oreal’s Hicolor red has two posings – so you may want to mix those up.

You should decide whether you should go with magenta vs Loreal Hicolor red.

Your makeup and accessory choices should reflect your skin tone and hair color. This will help you understand what type of makeup will work best for you and what better ways to style your hair.


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