is vitalis hair tonic discontinued

Is Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued: Rumor or Truth?

Vitalis Hair Tonic is not discontinued and can still be found on many major retail websites and stores. You can buy it from Amazon, Walmart, and eBay

In this article, I will explore Vitalis Hair Tonic, what it does, and why people think that this hair tonic was discontinued.

The Vitalis company has been around for a very long time and has a long history of producing hair tonics and other hair care products.

They are still in business today, but there are rumors that they have discontinued their popular hair tonic.

The rumor started when people noticed that the bottle was no longer on the shelves at Walmart or Target.

The Vitalis website also doesn’t list it as one of their products anymore. However, the company denies these claims and insists that they have not discontinued the product.

Why Did People Think That Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued?

People are worried because the Vitalis brand was acquired by other companies and they won’t be able to get their favorite hair tonic anymore.

It’s unclear if the scarcity of a popular item is due to a merger or not but we noticed it on big sites like eBay, Walmart, Amazon.

There has been a lot of concern around Vitalis Hair Tonic on the internet. “Is Vitalis Hair Tonic Discontinued?” Having searched for information myself, I think this is fair to say that it hasn’t been discontinued and that people are just looking for more information about it.

The good news is that it has not been discontinued. It can be found on the leading eCommerce stores including Amazon and eBay

How to Know if The Product Has Been Discontinued?

There are two ways that you can find out if the product has been discontinued. The first way is by looking at the website’s homepage and looking for a notification of discontinuation or by going through each page of the website individually and checking for a “discontinued” notice on each page.

The other way is by finding an online retailer that still sells the product and checking whether or not they have it in stock.

If a product has been discontinued, there is no guarantee that any retailer will still have them in stock.

What to Do If Vitalis Was Discontinued?

When we have a strong connection to something, it’s difficult to accept when it changes or goes away. But although it might be scary at first, in the long run life with the change may be better for you.

One downside is the lack of closely related alternatives, often meaning your only option will be a similar but not identical product. This leads to the next point:

Looking for Alternatives

It goes without saying that if your favorite product ever stops being manufactured, or if you’ve run out of the currently available supply, your best bet is to look for a similar item from the same brand or some other company.

If you are trying to replace a product, there may be substitutes to choose from. If a product is no longer available, you may find that there is nothing comparable.

Below we have covered some alternatives to try. They may not be as popular, but they’re definitely worth looking into!

Check DIscontinued Product Sites

Some places now sell e-versions of discontinued formulas for products like skincare and haircare. However, this usually only happens when the formula is no longer available to purchase

Almost all of these sites are based outside the US. There is no guarantee that you will find original products, but you might stand to get a better deal than the original site. Research your sources before buying from unknown sellers.

Don’t Buy In Panic

Coming across the news of an upcoming product discontinuation and rushing to buy it in bulk is a typical scenario.

However, this shouldn’t be done blindly if you need the item for real use, as that may cause waste of resources.

Some retailers take advantage of consumers by setting the price of the product too high in order to make more money.

There are products that will significantly increase in price if you can’t get them in time. They often sell-out quickly so if you want one then you need to be ready!

The 10 Best Alternatives to Vitalis Hair Tonic

As i mentioned earlier in the article, Vitalis Hair Tonic is not discontinued. It’s not reflected on any of the websites that we checked, and it’s still a current product.

So it’s available on Amazon, Ulta, and Amazon still have stock available on their website before this was written.

Vitalis is definitely around for now but this cannot be guaranteed for the future. Having a couple of alternatives on hand can help you to hedge your bets even if you’re still relying on what Vitalis has to offer.

If you’re not happy with Vitalis Hair Tonic, here are 10 best alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of frequently asked questions about Vitalis Hair Tonic. Here are some of the most common ones:

Why Can’t I Find Vitalis Hair Tonic?

The most likely reason for this is what I’ve already covered in the article. The Vitalis hair tonic was acquired by HRB Brands.

In our experience, you can find this product at some e-commerce stores. Check eBay or another marketplace to see if they have it in stock. It could be a fake copy or counterfeited item, so take caution when purchasing.

How Much Does Vitalis Hair Tonic Cost?

The cost of Vitalis Hair Tonic varies depending on the size of the bottle. For example, a 7 ounce bottle costs about $5-$10 dollars.

Does Vitalis Hair Tonic work?

After researching the product, we found that it does work. It does not contain harmful chemicals, so your scalp and hair should be safe. However, it does contain some vitamins and other substances which can be beneficial to your hair.

Do they Still Make Vitalis Hair Tonic?

Yes, Vitalis Hair Tonic will still be available on store shelves and you can also purchase it online.

If you’ve been wondering if Vitalis Hair Tonic is still available, it totally is! Though the product may have been unavailable for a while, it’s worth checking now. It seems to have become widely available now.

Who Makes Vitalis Hair Tonic?

According to Wikipedia, the Vitalis brand is currently owned and manufactured under HRB Brands.


As you can see, the Vitalis Hair Tonic is not on any kind of discontinuation status. It’s still available for purchase in the right places.

We’ve included other brands you can look into if you’re interested in substitutes. You’ll also find this article helpful if they decide to stop selling the hair tonic.


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