is paul mitchell shampoo bad for your hair

Is Paul Mitchell good or bad for your hair? shampoo, conditioner?

The main question is whether Paul Mitchell shampoo is good or bad for your hair?

Now, that’s a difficult question to answer as there are many factors that come into play when it comes to the health of your hair.

One factor would be the type of shampoo you use. If you use a shampoo that has harsh chemicals in it, then this can lead to dryness and breakage in your hair.

Another factor would be how often you wash your hair. Washing too often can also lead to dryness and breakage in your locks.

Paul Mitchell is a well-known name in the beauty and hair care world, even among those who are less involved with this area.

It’s peculiar that there are already so many Paul Mitchell products on the shelves even though it’s just one among the many brands founded by its namesake.

Although Paul Mitchell won’t work for everyone, many of the products are great and will work if used correctly. Paul Mitchell is affordable and their products do largely meet their claims.

When comparing products, make sure to read the ingredients list. There’s a lot that goes into deciding which product is best, but you shouldn’t overlook your current health of your hair type.

Be wary of ingredients like sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate and make sure you monitor your hair closely. A specific product may not work well with your hair type.

Artificial fragrances have been proven to have negative impact on the health of your hair. If you’re concerned about them, you’ll need to choose a different hair care brand.

However, people seem to be happy with the quality of this brand and that it’s compatible with their hair.

Paul Mitchell is one of my favorite hair care brands! But to focus on the basics, here’s what you need to know:

Paul Mitchell Brand: A Quick Rundown

Paul Mitchell is a brand of hair care products which claim to be good for your hair and offer nature inspired products to a variety of hair related problems.

This company was created by a group of stylists who wanted to create original, high-quality formulas that would really work for people.

Paul Mitchell is well known for their affordable hair products that can cater to all hair types. They carry a range of high quality products, including shampoos, conditioners and styling tools.

They believe in caring for both your hair and the environment, which is why Paul Mitchell products avoid harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

An Overview of Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioners Products

Paul Mitchell offers products for a wide range of hair needs. In this article we won’t be going in-depth into the company’s offerings, but here are some highlights.

Paul Mitchell Product Ingredients

Here, we want to mention some of the key Paul Mitchell ingredients.

We’ll go over the benefits of, negatives with, and drawbacks to Paul Mitchell products. This will help you decide if it is a match for your hair and needs.

The Good Ingredients in Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell products are made with a variety of nourishing natural ingredients, which help to strengthen your strands.

The ingredients in Paul Mitchell products vary by product, but here are some of the best ones:

Hydrolyzed Milk Protein 

This protein helps repair tiny holes on the shaft of your hair, which in turn improves the ability of your strands to hold moisture.

Hydrolyzed milk protein can help your hair look healthier in the long term. It also adds smoothness and shine back to damaged strands while increasing manageability. Regular use will make your hair look revitalized, soft, and manageable.


Although collagen can be great for skin, it’s also shows promise with hair. Not only does it promote strong, healthy hair – but you’ll notice less of a build-up of product.

Collagen is used in hair care products for a number of reasons. Notably, it can help restore moisture to dry, brittle hair and repair split ends over time.

Orchid oil  

Orchid oil can help control frizz and restore your hair’s natural shine. It does this by filling in cracks and imperfections on the surface of your cuticle.

The shampoo also has a positive effect on your hair, providing it with softness and making it elastic again.

The Bad Ingredients in Paul Mitchell

The Paul Mitchell hair care line contains ingredients that offer a lot of benefits, but there are some that cause damage. Here are a few harmful or irritating ingredients & the products they are in:


Paul Mitchell products often contain artificial fragrance. As with most of their products, their fragrances are made from low quality ingredients.

Though a fragrance smells pleasant in your hair, the ingredients are not disclosed on the packaging.

So, nobody really knows what’s giving Paul Mitchell products their addictive scents. Moreover, artificial fragrances are known to contain any number of carcinogens & allergens.

Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate

Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate is a cleaning agent found in some Paul Mitchell shampoo products. It can leave your locks dry and unhealthy when it’s used too often.

This is an excellent surfactant for cutting through stubborn product buildup with occasional clarifying treatments, but use it too often and it’ll harm your hair.

Customer Reviews on Paul Mitchell Products

As soon as you start thinking about a new product, reading customer reviews and testimonials is a wise way to get an understanding of the value it provides and how well it works.

You probably have a lot of opinions about Paul Mitchell products and we understand that. If you need to quickly find the perfect shampoo and conditioners. these are some things that you should look out for:

Here’s what real customers are saying about their experiences with Paul Mitchell products. 

Alongside their exceptional products, Paul Mitchell also provides great customer service.  And it’s the heart of Paul Mitchell and his legacy that leave you feeling loyal.

The company has always been committed to raising awareness around important causes and issues.

And the company’s goodwill doesn’t end with them, its impact continues to spread by inspiring others to make a difference in their own communities.

Paul Mitchell has had a long, rich history and you can find plenty of their products on store shelves today. It’s worth starting with a shampoo and conditioner to get you started.

Positive Reviews

Most people have positive experiences with Paul Mitchell products. They say they are affordable and that they make your hair look & feel healthier.

The price of a Paul Mitchell product is also less than comparable products and will often give you the results promised. This is mostly due to the large selection that can be found in stores.

Negative Reviews

Unsatisfied Paul Mitchell customers report that its products dried out their hair or left a waxy residue behind.

A lot of customers have said that this product didn’t work well with their hair, but there still seem to be a lot of people that are open to using it.

Concerns have been raised about Paul Mitchell following a new class-action lawsuit which is specifically linked to one of the company’s products.

The use of DMDM hydantoin in Paul Mitchell hair products has been linked to severe irritation & hair loss.

Paul Mitchell has acknowledged the lawsuit against them and are ceasing production of products that use DMDM hydantoin.


Paul Mitchell provides high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products that is good for your hair making it one of the most popular hair care brands. Beyond this, Paul Mitchell’s legacy & heart drive loyal fans to buy his products.

The company has various hair regimens, impactful initiatives and acts of kindness that people look forward to seeing.

You can try out your favorite Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner products and see how it has become one of the biggest hair brands today!


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