is herbal essence good for curly hair

is herbal essence good for curly hair?

Herbal Essences is an affordable and well-known hair care brand that caters to nearly all hair types and textures, But is Herbal Essence good for curly hair?.

The company produces products with botanical ingredients that are used to moisturise, repair & condition hair.

However, the company includes some ingredients that are sometimes avoided in the curly hair community.

These might be more important to people who want natural products rather than silicone-based ones.

Herbal Essences has a product line that’s good for curly hair, but some ingredients they use may be too harsh for girls with curls.

Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners are not necessarily harmful, but you should only use them if they fit your overall hair care routine.

If you research Herbal Essences products on forums, social media platforms, etc., you’ll notice that some women are unhappy about certain ingredients. For example, the products are sulfate-free

It is important to know that not all women will have the same results. However, many of them will report excellent success from Herbal Essences products.

Our team of hairstylists do not recommend Herbal Essences shampoo to curly hair types. Other brands can be worse, but we like what they offer for most hair types.

Be mindful of your hair products and be aware of what your hair type is. Monitor the results over time to ensure that you’re staying on track with your goals.

It’s also important to note that Herbal Essences has a good reputation for hair care – they use a number of safety precautions when making their products, including assessing toxicity before adding ingredients and preservatives.

The brand knows the difference between coarser and hair styling products for kinky curls and they’re made to help create a looser curl pattern.

Curly-haired ladies can use both the shampoo and conditioner, but they’ll need to assess their hair’s needs and come up with a personalized hair-care routine that takes into account the products they plan to use.

Herbal Essences Products Available for Curly Hair

Herbal Essence sells their natural hair products under the brand name “Totally Twisted” and markets three lines: Hello Hydration, Tousle Me Softly, and Totally Twisted.

There are many different kinds of products that can help relieve dryness and excess frizz for curly hair. They all might be useful depending on what you need, so keep reading to learn more about some popular ones: 

Totally Twisted Shampoo for Defined Curls

This wild berry-scented Herbal Essences shampoo is designed to moisturize and define your curls. It also leaves your hair feeling refreshed and vibrant, while the essential oils penetrate the scalp without leaving a harsh residue on the strands of hair.

If you like sulfate-free shampoos, it’s important to know that they can contain sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Hello Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo

This deep cleansing shampoo not only helps hydrate curls, but it also removes buildup without stripping hair of its natural oils. You can use it daily or for occasional deep cleaning.

Avocado & Argan Oil Sulfate-Free Shampoo

This botanical-infused daily formula for hair strengthens it, reduces frizz and leaves a noticeable shine and smooth feel.

Hemp Seed Oil & Aloe Vera Lightweight Hair Oil Mist

This hydrating oil mist provides light moisture that detangles your strands without weighing your hair down.

Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Hair Mousse

This mousse delivers a great, no-fuss hairstyle. Besides defining curls, it also moisturizes your hair’s appearance without the use of silicone.

Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Hair Gel

This hair product keeps your curls intact and helps fight frizz & flyaways. It contains hibiscus and is designed to work well in humid conditions.

In order to promote a nice clean feeling, the company offers a shampoo as well. From different reviews, it seems that the Tousle Me Softly shampoo smells great

Herbal Essences is so popular with females. We’ll talk about why having a hair product that smells good isn’t the most important aspect of it below.

Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel

This gel can help give hair that wet look and provides a long-lasting hold. It saturates frizz and is a lighter, more natural alternative to some harmful gels

Herbal Essences Product Ingredients

When shopping for a suitable hair product, you should find out what the ingredients are and research what each one is used for.

Labeling can help eliminate confusion when deciding what product to purchase. Herbal Essences has a few similar qualities to other products in this market.  

The Good

Herbal Essences contain a combination of natural oils, fruits, and vitamins that are meant to provide hair care benefits. These ingredients include things like oils, fruit purees, and vitamins

For people with curly hair, try to avoid products that are high up on the ingredients list with drying agents and don’t include moisturizing or hydrating compounds.        

The products contain powerful components, such as:

  • Hemp Seed – Reduces irritability and inflammation in the scalp, thanks to its rich amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. It also provides nourishing benefits for the scalp.
  • Aloe Vera –  Apply to your scalp and hair to aid in nourishing, preventing dehydration, and strengthening the core of the hair strand. Apply externally for complete hydration. The effects can be felt immediately when topically used.
  • Coconut – Stimulates hair follicles and promotes scalp health, fighting against lice and dandruff.
  • Wild Berry Fruit Extract – Accentuates dark hair and creates a smooth feel and shiny appearance while treating or preventing hair thinning.
  • Avocado – Promotes hair health in many ways, one of them is by adding essential vitamins and minerals. It also promotes moisture, growth & shine.
  • Argan Oil – Is designed to protect your hair and scalp from heat damage when using styling tools..

There are a lot of ingredients that can be added to products. Some of those would be lilies, strawberry, rosemary, rice milk, ginger, cucumber, and more.

All Herbal Essences shampoos, conditioners, and other products don’t contain any of the following: parabens, colorants, mineral oil, paraffins or coal tar hair dyes. They also have no diethanolamine or toluene from pthlatates

The Not-So-Good

A lot of ingredients go into making Herbal Essence products. We use lily of the valley, white strawberry, rosemary, rice milk, blue ginger and more..

The Herbal Essences products also don’t contain: Parabens; Colorants; Mineral oil; Paraffins; Beta hydroxy acids; Coal tar hair dyes; Diethanolamine, toluene, or pthalates

Some of the ingredients in Herbal Essences products may be unfamiliar for some people. We’ve compiled a list of those that might present as a challenge below.

Hair is an incredibly intricate and fragile part of the human body and it needs to be taken care of with care.

Certain chemicals used in hair products can be damaging to your health, so make sure you read up on what’s in those products.


The Herbal Essences products tested by the EWG contained alcohol. However, not all alcohols are bad for your hair.

Stearyl and cetyl alcohol make your hair nice and soft – it’s a great treatment to give to your locks. You can use it for a simple moisturizer, too! Here’s a few ideas:

Is Herbal Essences Good for Hair Growth?

Herbal Essences products aren’t clinically proven to promote hair growth. Although they contain botanical ingredients, they have no traces of biotin, zinc, and niacin–vital elements that anecdotally thought to accelerate growth.

The company focuses primarily on hair – meaning that good hair follicles, as well as a proper diet, are essential to continued growth.

Does Herbal Essences Help Treat Damaged Hair?

Yes, our oils are recommended for use when your hair has been damaged by heating tools or when it has been color-treated.  

Is Herbal Essences Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Herbal Essences is cruelty-free and doesn’t test its products on animals.

Does Herbal Essences Work for Everyone?

You can usually tell from one use if a product is going to work for you or not. So, go on and try it out!

The Herbal Essences product line is not always the best fit for everyone. However, if you have type 1 or type 2 hair, then it might work for you.

Which Herbal Essence Product Lines Are Suitable for Thick, Tightly Coiled Hair?

Totally Twisted, Tousle My Softly, and Hello Hydration are three new haircare lines that can be used to wash, condition and treat curly hair.


We have seen how Herbal Essence is good for curly hair. The products are made with natural ingredients and they do not contain any harmful chemicals which can be harmful to the scalp or hair.

The products are also safe for color treated hair, which makes them perfect for people who need to maintain their curls while coloring their hair.

We’ve discussed my question: “is Herbal Essence good for curly hair?”

The availability of bad products can take time to search through the abundance & brands the produce high-quality curly girl-specific hair care.


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