Is Boots Curl Creme Discontinued

is Boots Curl Creme Discontinued? (Truth or Rumor)

Boots Curl Creme isn’t being discontinued after all. There’s been some recent confusion about this on popular forums and social media sites but no, it’s still available for purchase at Boots stores online. 12/03/21 @BootsHelp tweeted that they were currently having supply issues

The Boots Curl Creme has not been discontinued and can be found on their website and at any major retail website or in store. The product can be purchased on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

In this article, I will explore Boots Curl Creme, what it does, and why people think that the product has been discontinued.

The Boots brand has been around for a very long time and has a long history of producing hair curl cremes and other hair care products.

The company is still in business today, but there are concerns that they have discontinued the Boots Curl Creme line.

Concerns began back in 2021 when people noticed that the product was no longer available on the shelves at Walmart or Target and at many online stores where it had previously been available to purchase.

During that time, the Boots website also did not list it as one of their products. However, fast forward to 16/02/21, when @BootsHelps last tweeted that “we can confirm that this product has been discontinued.”

Due to filed petitions and major feedback from loyal customers, the company has since come out about these claims and insists that the product will be back in stock and available to purchase at all major e-commerce stores online.

Why Did People Think That The Boots Curl Creme Was Discontinued?

The Boots Curl Creme have been out of stock back in 2021 due to a supply issue. During that time we were seeing a significant backlash from the hair community.

People were worried because they think that Boots Curl Creme was discontinued and replaced by other offerings from the company, and they won’t be able to get their favorite hair products anymore.

The shortage of a popular item is still unclear. Supplies might be too low or the company just isn’t producing enough. During that time we noticed the lack of supply on big sites like eBay, Walmart, & Amazon.

There has been a lot of concern around Boots Curl Creme on the internet. questions like these pop up when searching for the product. “Is Boots Curl Creme Discontinued?” Having searched for the information myself, I think this is fair to say that it hasn’t been discontinued and that people are just looking for more information about it.

The good news is that Boots has come out with a statement that the product is back in stock on store shelves and at all online retailers.

How to Know if The Product Has Been Discontinued?

There are a few ways to find out if a product has been discontinued. One way is to look at the product page on the company’s website.

If you find that the item has been removed from their site, then it is likely that it has been discontinued.

Another way is to look for an announcement on social media or in a blog post. If there is no indication of discontinuation, then the product may still be available for purchase.

I have personally reached out to there support team on their website and have received confirmation that the product was indeed back in stock.

What To Do If Boots Curl Creme Is Discontinued?

If Boots Curl Creme is discontinued, it is best to find a replacement. Some people have found that using an alternative curl creme from a different brand can do the job as well.

It’s also worth mentioning that when you intend to buy an alternative product, they often don’t stock the exact one you’re looking for and so your next alternative is usually not dissimilar either. This leads to the next point:

Looking for Alternatives

If the product you love is no longer in production or if you’re about to run out of the product for sale, we recommend looking for an alternative brand.

If a product you’re looking to replace is out of stock, there may be other substitutes to choose from.

For example, if the item is no longer available, then it’s better to find a replacement for something similar.

Below is a list of other options to try. They might not be as well-known, but they could be worth checking out!

Check DIscontinued Product Sites

Some places now sell alternate versions of discontinued products. This is only the case with products that are no longer available to buy.

You shouldn’t buy products of unknown origin. If you choose to do so, be sure to do research beforehand since a lot of these sites are based outside the US and you won’t be getting the real deal as a result.

Don’t Be Hasty And Purchase The Item In a Rush

It’s good you heard the news before it was too late and you can take a proactive approach and buy in bulk before it is discontinued.

However, please bear in mind that this shouldn’t be done blindly if you need the item for real use as a regular user, as that may cause unnecessary waste of money.

Some retailers may increase the prices of products they are selling in order to make more revenue.

Items that are highly sought-after by shoppers and harder to find, often sell-out quickly. If you want one and think they’re likely to sell-out, it might be worth ordering sooner rather than later!

The 5 Best Alternatives To Boots Curl Creme

As i mentioned earlier in the article, Boots Curl Creme is not discontinued. This has been reflected on many of the websites that we checked, and it’s a current product.

So it’s widely available on Amazon, Ulta, and Boots still have stocks available before this article was written.

Boots Curl Creme is still around but having a couple of alternatives on hand can help you hedge your bets, even if you’re still relying on what Goody has to offer.

If you no longer can find Boots Curl Creme, Here are the 5 best alternatives:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of frequently asked questions about Boots Curl Creme. Here are some of the most common ones:

Why Can’t I Find Boots Curl Creme?

The most likely reason for this is what I’ve already covered in the article. 12/03/21 @BootsHelp tweeted that they were currently having supply issues.

In our experience, you can find this product at any e-commerce stores. Check eBay or another marketplace to see if they have it in stock. It could be a fake copy or counterfeited item, so take caution when purchasing.

How Much Does Boots Curl Creme cost?

The cost of Boots Curl Creme varies depending on the size of the tub. For example, a 250ml tub cost about $15-$20 dollars.

Can I Still Purchase Boots Curl Creme?

Yes, Boots Curl Creme will still be available on store shelves and you can purchase it online.

If you’ve been wondering if the Boots Curl Creme is still available, of course it totally is! Though the product may have been unavailable for a while, it can be found in stores and other marketplaces online.


As you can see, the Boots Curl Creme is not on a discontinuation status. It’s still available for purchase online, but be careful of counterfeit products.

We’ve included other brands of hair cream you can look into if you’re interested in substitutes. You’ll also find this article helpful if Boots decide to stop selling their hair products.


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