How to weigh down twists

How to weigh down twists?

When it comes to hair, there are many factors that need to be considered. For instance, you might want to weigh down your hair twists because you live in a humid area or if you have an upcoming event.

There are many products on the market that claim to weigh down hair twists. However, not all of them work as advertised. The following article will share some ways that you can use at home for weighing down your hair twists.

The first way is by using water and hairspray; however, this method is not very effective because it does not offer any hold for your hairstyle besides weighting it down. You can also try using gel products like Clearasil InstaTears Advanced Clear Tear Fighting Gel which is specifically designed for holding weightless styles in place.

How to keep your hair twists neat?

It is a common thing for people with twists to suffer from having their hair come out of the twists. This can be very frustrating and annoying, especially if you have had them for a long time. Here are some tips that might help you keep your twist neat.

-Put some oil onto the ends of your hair before twisting them up. This will help to seal them and keep them from coming out as easily.

-If you have a lot of hair, it might be a good idea to braid or twist your hair before putting it into the twist so that they can be more secure and won’t come undone as easily.

-Make sure you use a good gel or cream on your twists so that they don’t come undone in the first place.

1. Keep your hair moisturized daily with some kind of oil or cream.

2. Use a leave-in conditioner before you wash it.

3. Use a deep conditioner biweekly to help repair the damage that has been done to your hair due to chemicals, heat, and styling products

4. Avoid using too much product on your scalp because it weighs down the twists and can make them look like they are not staying in place or like they are starting to unravel

5. Brush through the new growth section of the twist with some kind of brush before you put in more new growth, this helps make sure that there is no tangling happening at this section which could cause less twists together

Why won’t my twists hold?

Did you know that your twists may not be holding down because of the products you’re using? In this post, we discuss how to weigh down twists, and the most common reasons why twists may not be holding down.

It’s important to make sure your twist is anchored before twisting. Some reasons why your twists may not be holding down can be as a result of, the knot not being tight enough, the tail not long enough or if you didn’t anchor properly before twisting.

Here are the two main reason:

-Looks like you’re using too much gel. Try using less to see if that helps.

-Remember to not twist the hair, but to twist the hair and then roll it up like a sponge. This will help it stay in place and not come out easily.

How To Get My Twists To Hang Straight?

With so many hair tutorials online, it’s hard to decipher which one will actually work for you. It’s especially confusing when you’re struggling with getting your twists to hang properly. The best way to get your twists to hang correctly is by following these simple steps:

Keep layers long. To add weight to twist and keep them from springing up, try styling in long layers. Long layers can look great either with curled or straight strands.

  • If you have long hair, make sure to keep your shortest layer at least 25cm (10in) long.
  • For medium-length hair, keep your shortest layer at least 6 inches (15 cm) long.
  • If you have chin-length hair, keep the shortest layer at least 10 cm (4 inches) long

Ask for blended layers. It’s worth mentioning that those with curly hair need to consider layering for this haircut. Otherwise, your edges and weight might be loose and you will end up with a shorter, triangular-shaped cut with too much weight at the bottom. Ask your stylist to create layers that add weight, like on a wedge or stacked haircut. Avoid ones that add weight on your own by ensuring they blend.

Wear your hair long. Growing your hair out is one of the easiest ways to add weight to twist, but it can take time to grow. The longer your hair is, the more added weight it will have and be able to hold your twist down. Whether or not you have curly hair, grow out your locks to help let them relax.

Getting Your Twist-Out to Hang Down

  • Flat Twist Roots: My Friend taught me this one (of course!). “Flat twisting” routes the hair under, instead of over. This technique can stop your twist from sticking up.
  • Banding: This tutorial teaches you how to incorporate bands into your hairstyles.
  • Product: Twist can be tricky, but these are some of the most successful techniques from those with experience. Applying a lot of product to damp hair and waiting as long as you want is one good technique. but what works best for me may not work for you! Try it out. Check out this link as well. 
  • Scarves: Twisting my hair is always the last step in styling. By securing the twist I’ve done, either with a satin or silk scarf or with a bonnet, my hair will stay laying down when I go to bed without having to fuss with it again.
  • Don’t Fluff! When you remove your twists, unweave the ends of the twists in a circular motion until they reach their roots. Be careful not to separate them too much and keep in mind that you’ll get big and poofy hair. When I want lots of volume, I’ll fluff it up with my hands to make sure they’re all loosened up.


There are many different ways to keep your natural hair twist style in tact. This article has given you three quick and easy ways to keep the style in place. The key is finding the best way for you, one that matches what your hair needs and can be used with ease by you.

The conclusion is to use a natural oil such as coconut oil to weigh down hair twists and prevent them from getting frizzy.

Hi there, do you have any tips for avoiding a twist-out that never settles down and might over-process the hair?


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