How to Weigh Down Curly Hair

How to Weigh Down Curly Hair?

The best way how to weigh down curly hair is to use a product that contains ingredients that are specifically designed for curly hair.

These products will create a barrier around the hair, weighing it down and adding shine.

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Curly hair can be a nightmare for many people. The hair is often frizzy and unmanageable, the curls can be difficult to tame and style.

But with the right products, you can make your hair look like a dream. The trick is to use products that are specially designed for curly hair. This way your curls will stay in place, your hair will be shiny and healthy looking.

This question is usually asked by people with wavy or curly hair. You’re going to need a product that can weigh your hair down.

Taming your curls won’t be a hassle anymore with this helpful guide and product recommendations.

Preparing your hair in advance with products like curl cream and water soluble gel makes styling a breeze. It also helps curly haired girls rock curls all day long!

The Cut

The right haircut can help your curls, just by using the right technique. Cutting your hair at an angle or in layers usually makes your hair lighter. This gives your curls the freedom to do whatever they want.

With the straight cut, your hair will grow a little faster because it will be weighed down more. Your curls will act like they’re on the same team so you shouldn’t have as much difficulty styling your hair in the morning

No Volume

You can use products to help with weighing down curly hair, but they don’t work as well in taming curls

Products with volume-boosting ingredients will volumize your curls. This can take away the curl’s body though, so steer clear of products that contain these ingredients if you want to weigh down your curls.

The ingredients you want to avoid include Vitamin B5, C and E.

You also want to keep an eye on your sodium intake or monitor your sodium intake

Stay away from any product containing sunflower oil, almond oil, soybean oil, or coconut oil as these will add volume to your hair. Polymers, starch and surfactants also need to be avoided.

Let It Grow

In order to add weight to your hair, you’ll need to give it a little more time in the process where you let it grow out. But remember that long hair can weigh down curls and cause some potential damage so don’t let your hair grow too long.

When growing your hair out, you’ll want to keep a balance between cutting the length evenly and letting it go for that natural, tousled look.

This trick works because the more hair you’ve got the more it weighs and curly hair is not as strong. It’s a very cost-effective solution.


The issue with your curly hair (or any hair for that matter) is dryness. But if you want to weigh your curls down, all you need to do is keep them moisturized.

The more moisture in your hair, the better it will stay in place.

The great thing about Moisturizers is that it not only makes your curls look beautiful, but it also protects them from being damaged.

Your curls will never look better, that’s a promise. With the help of moisturizers, your hair will be beautiful again!

Oils & Gels

Contrary to popular belief, oils are not all good for the hair-and we do have to be aware of certain characteristics in order to make sure that what we’re using is beneficial.

Hair oils like olive oil and jojoba oil. These oils make it easier to get a grip on your curls because they have a little bit of weight to them. So, when you apply them to damp hair, it makes styling easier.

Some oils that work well in these situations are shea butter or cacao butter.

Lanolin is a very dense oil that can help you weigh down your curly hair, but it should be mixed with lighter oils.

I completely understand the need to weigh own your curls. But keep in mind that hair gels can often contain harmful ingredients you don’t want in your hair.


Curls are often so prone to dryness that they require a little extra TLC in order to look their best.

Every so often, you might need something a little stronger which is when it’s time to turn to a conditioner.

If you find a conditioner isn’t doing the job, you may need to try a deep conditioner

The reason adding conditioner to your hair works is that it gives your curls plenty of moisture and allows them to stretch out. This way they’ll stay put after washing them.

A conditioner will also make your curls more defined, as well.

How to Weigh Down Frizzy Curly Hair?

What if your frizzy hair won’t weigh down? Does that changes what is needed to be done?

The rules mentioned before do apply, with one exception. One requires you to deal with the frizz first and then try implementing some of the given suggestions.

If you let your curly hair go frizzy, it can start to poke out and take away from their appearance.

One thing you can do for a quick fix when dealing with frizzy hair is use hair cream or just regular lotion if you don’t have any on hand.

If you can, spray a little water on your hair to help with the frizz. Otherwise, just wet your hands and try to comb your hair down.

Once you get rid of the frizz, use oils or a gel to keep your hair in place.

Frizzy hair is a common problem for a lot of people. There are several ways to deal with it, but not all methods will work for you. The best way to keep frizz at bay is by preventing it in the first place.

Instead, use a wide comb or your fingers to gently pat and evenly distribute the moisture on your hair. You want to avoid pulling it apart because this will cause frizz and damage it.

Sleep on silk pillowcases and use an anti-frizz hairspray to keep your hair tamed.

Are There Products That Weigh Down Curly Hair?

There is no shortage of products that are made for the cure. It’s just a matter of finding what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a product that contains natural ingredients, then Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Curling Gel might be worth checking out. It can do the trick in achieving your desired result to weigh your curls down.

If you’re looking for a conditioner and your hair’s giving you trouble, consider using Curlsmith! Our leave-in conditioner is perfect for any type of hair.

Just remember that you want more moisture.

If the product you’ve selected not only adds moisture to your hair, but does so without adding any of the bad ingredients from our list, well done.

Make sure to take a look at all the reviews and see what the product did for people with hair similar to yours.

At What Length Does Curly Hair Weigh Down Naturally?

I mention how to weigh your hair down (such as by letting it grow,) but I didn’t discuss how long that should be. Well, there’s a reason I skipped that.

It all depends on you.

If you’re not too worried about tight curls, then about five inches or so should be okay.

Those with tighter curls might need about 7 inches of length to see a difference. You’ll have to experiment a bit until you reach the length you need below which your curls will be more pliable enough for relaxing. Remember to not grow out your hair too much.

Once you have the length you want, trim the bottom layers to keep your curls manageable.

Additional Tips to Control Those Curls

All the tips I mentioned above should work. It all depends on what you want. Getting your hair under control requires a personal approach. It’s your hair after all

There are a few things still to consider

Drying Your Hair Properly

The first thing you should know is that, if you don’t dry your hair correctly, your curls will be harder to control.

The best way to dry your hair is to let it naturally. You might want to comb or brush out your hair before letting the wind and sun do their job.

You have to be patient, but it seems like you’ll make it through. Doing it this way allows moisture to lock in place, which is important if you want to control your curls

If you don’t put your hair up in a micro fibre towel and instead use a blow dryer, your hair will turn out quite the opposite.

Blow dryers tend to make your hair look frizzy and unmanageable, because they can actually add too much moisture to your locks.

Unlike a traditional blow dryer, a diffuser can keep your hair from drying out too much. To avoid damage, you may want to avoid using a blow dryer altogether.

Tilting Your Hair Back

Most of us don’t want water seeping into our clothes after washing which is why we tend to keep our heads facing forward. Well, you need to tilt your head back after washing it.

We recommend you try to brush out your hair for a little longer when it is wet this will help ensure that the curls lay down better in the long run

You’ll be surprised how well this will work for you.

You should wait until you get to the bathroom or over a bucket when filling up because water will splash everywhere if you’re not careful. I learned that the hard way

Now, you know how to get those curls just right. It may take some time before you get used to these tips and suggestions, but with a bit of patience, it should be a breeze


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