How To Steam Natural Hair With Steamer
How To Steam Natural Hair With Steamer

How To Steam Natural Hair With Steamer

Ladies with dry and always-tangled hair quite often look for a safe and easy way to treat their hair. Steaming of hair is one of the popular options so it’s not surprising that women have wondered How To Steam Natural Hair With Steamer.

Hair steaming is widely popular among those beautiful ladies with natural hair and it helps to keep those gorgeous locks in place. We all know that there may be some issues with natural hair.

For example, you need to moisturize your locks from time to time (they can get really dry and tough!). It’s hard to go swimming because the hair might get dull and fragile.

So what can you do when your hair is not in the best shape? How can you solve this problem? The answer is hair steaming.

What Does Hair Steaming Do For Your Hair?

  • It will make your hair look longer, but the hair will still keep its definition. And your gorgeous curls will be more voluminous and softer than before!
  • The hair steaming process involves using hair products like conditioner or oils. When you are using a steamer, it helps to lift your cuticle, which will let the oils, conditioner or any other moisturizing products get into the scalp and hydrate your hair.
  • You have probably struggled with tangled hair at some point. And it was horrible! The hair steaming helps loosen the knots from root to the tip. You will be able to comb your hair easily.

How To Steam Your Natural Hair With A Steamer At Home?

Note that this treatment can be done at home with or without a hurtful hair steamer. First, we will teach you how to steam your hair with the hair steamer.

  • 1. Wash your hair. Make sure that you are using a good shampoo that is nutritious for your
  • 2. Section off your hair, secure the parts with bands or pins but leave one section.
  • 3. Take the hair treatment of your choice (conditioner or shea butter) and cover the part that you’ve left. Fully cover each section of the hair.
  • 4. Brush the divided parts of your hair to make sure that treatment product evenly covers your locks.
  • 5. Divide the big sections of your hair into smaller ones and twist them into thick twists. Take the treatment and cover the top of your scalp. Important note: If you don’t like how your hair looks after untwisting the twists, just put it in a bun. But make sure everything is covered in your hair treatment product.
  • 6. Put your hair in a bun.
  • 7. Prepare your hair steamer by following the instructions. 8. Sit underneath the cap of the steamer when the steam starts to come out.
  • 9. When the treatment is done (read the instructions to find out for how long you need to sit under the steamer. Usually it will take about 20-30 minutes), take moisturizing products (oil, conditioner or the shea butter) and put them in your hair. Untwist the twists.
  • 10. Voila – gorgeous, moisturized looks!

Important note: Be generous with the treatment and make sure that your hair is fully covered. Divide your hair further if needed.

How To Steam Your Hair Without A Steamer?

But what about how to steam your hair when you don’t have a steamer? Don’t worry, we will teach you how to do it. It will take more time, but the results are worth it!

1. The first step is the same – wash your hair with a shampoo that will get rid of all the buildup. The hair has to be nice and clean.

2. Apply the hair treatment product before the steam process.

3. Take a plastic cap (or a shower cap) and put it on your hair. Make sure that the hair is completely under the cap. You don’t want the steam to escape the cap.

4. Place a towel on your shoulders to protect them from hot water.

5. Prepare the hot water. Put plastic gloves on your hands. Take a towel or a turban and moist it with the water. Wring out the water until the towel or the turban is damp.

6. Take the turban or the towel and put it around your head. Then take a plastic cap or the plastic wrap and cover the towel/turban. Cover it tightly, make sure to lock the steam in there.

7. The steam process will take about 20-30 minutes. If you feel that the towel/turban is not hot enough then repeat the process – take it off, then moisture it with hot water and put it back on your head. Don’t forget to cover it with a plastic cap or plastic wrap!

8. Carefully unwrap your hair and let it cool. Don’t try to cool it off instantly using cold water – you don’t want to damage your hair. Once it is cool to the touch, you can rinse it.

Important tip: If you don’t have a plastic cap or the cap is too loose then use a plastic wrap. Remember that the hair has to be sealed quite tightly.

How To Steam Natural Hair With Steamer

Benefits Of Steaming Your Natural Hair With Steamer

1. Opening of the pores: Clogged pores in the scalp slow down–and eventually stop–the regrowth process. Steaming the hair and scalp on a regular basis will allow the toxins from the scalp to be released so that it can be cleansed and purified.

2. Balancing the Scalp: Along with purifying the scalp of the toxins within, steam therapy helps increase the collagen production and blood flow of the scalp. The collagen level and increased blood flow, resulting in a healthy naturally shiny scalp–not the kind of shine caused by synthetic styling products.

3. Improves Elasticity: The elasticity of curly strands is its ability to stretch without snapping and causing further breakage and damage to the strands. Steam treatments allow the hair to absorb so much moisture that the curls will be able to bend and stretch.

4. Enhances Curl Definition: Moisture infused by steam therapy into the hair strands allows the hair to clump throughout the length of the stands which enhances the curl pattern. The bonus effect of steam therapy is that it allows for less heat to be used when flat ironing hair.

5. Porosity: For naturalistas with low porosity hair steam therapy is a good way to help water vapor penetrate the strands of the hair for long lasting moisture. With the cuticle layer being opened from the steam treatment, it is easier to infuse products into the hair to maintain supple flexible strands.

What’s the Best Hair Steamer for Natural Hair?

The concept of steaming natural hair has been around for quite some time. The people who own hair steamers generally love them, while those that don’t own a hair steamer wonder if they’re worth the money.

Are hair steamers worth the overall investment? If so, what are the best hair steamers on the market?

1. Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

This is a multipurpose steamer which can be used on either your hair or your face. It has remarkable features which discharges negatively charged oxygen thus preventing dandruff and relives an itchy scalp; this function makes this product stand out from the rest of the ordinary steamers available in the market.

It generates ultrafine mist which is easily absorbed in your scalp thus promoting moisture levels. In addition it also ensures absorption of your hair products into your scalp thus ensuring that you get the best out of your hair treatment products and conditioner.

This tool is definitely the best choice to prevent hair breakage and avoid split ends on your hair since it hydrates and moisturizes your hair during the steaming process.

If you are struggling with dry and itchy scalp, then look no further because this tool is the ultimate remedy for your scalp.

It produces steam which is beneficial for all types of hair, and which help lift your cuticles thus ensuring you achieve a soft and shinny hair.

If you are looking to increase the length of your hair, then this steamer is the way to go, because it improves the moisture level in your hair and help you get the most out of your conditioner thus improving hair growth.


  • Perfect for minimizing hair breakage and reducing split ends
  • Ensure your conditioning products are efficiently absorbed
  • Reduces itching of your scalp and also prevents growth of dandruff
  • Provides your hair with enough moisture thus promoting hair growth


  • Reports of cheap hood from some users
  • Complaints from some users that the steamer could not reach all of their hair

2. Salon Sundry Professional Salon Hair Steamer

This standing hood steamer has been encompassed with enough water storage to save you the work of refilling the tank on a daily basis and also this remarkable feature makes the steamer generate a lot of steam within little time.

If you have a big sized head and you want cover all the parts of your hair, then this is the steamer to go for since it has a big hood compared to others steamers which will help you cover your entire head including the back without the need of pinning your hair.

This is the best choice for people with lots of thick hair because this steam ensures that hair on your front, back and edges get steamed.

It release plentiful of steam which ensures that your protein treatment or hair products deeply penetrate in your scalp thus ensuring that you get the most out of your hair products.

Best choice for repairing dry, brittle and dry hair since it release massive steam which promotes the moisture level in your hair thus promoting healthy hair.


  • It’s perfect for large size heads, since it has big hood
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Plentiful steam
  • It’s easy to roll


  • Easy to over-steam due to the heavy duty water reservoir which in turn can be damaging to your hair.
  • Reports from users of water dripping from the reservoir
  • Gets so hot sometimes, so you need to slightly open the vent holes at the top

3. Q-Redew Hand-held Hair Steamer

This portable hair steamer does not need to be tabled or neither does it take too much storage space, since it allows you to steam your hair perfectly while holding it in your hands. This makes it easily portable to carry it to any places while travelling.

It is the best choice for covering all your strands since it can easily be moved around without any difficulty.

Like any other steamer, it also hydrates and moisturizes your hair, but what most users love most about this tool, is its portability, if you always hitting the road and still want to maintain healthy hair, then look no further because this steamer is just for you.

Perfect for not only moisturizing you hair but also for restyling and detangling you hair within a few minutes, giving your hair shape.

The best thing about this tool is that you can steam targeted areas or part of your hair if you choose to unlike the hooded steamers which are restricted to only steaming the whole head.


  • Easily portable making it perfect for traveling.


  • The water reservoir is a little bit small and may need frequent refilling.
  • Sometimes you hair might get unevenly steamed since you will be steaming your hair in sections

4. Red Pro Hair Therapy Steamer 2-in-1 Hair & Facial Steamer

This is one of the best hair steamers with a multipurpose function which allows you to use it either on your face or your hair.

With the use of this steamer you are certainly guaranteed of improved hair growth after using your hair protein treatment because this steamer will ensure deep penetration of hair products in your scalp, and in addition the steam helps lift up your cuticles.

Best choice for dealing with dry and brittle hair, since it hydrates and moisturizes your hair thus making it smooth and healthy.

If you are in dry climate, then this definitely the ultimate steamer to help you maintain a more vibrant and soft hair, since it ensures deep conditioning in your hair.

Best choice for people with relaxed hair to help your hair keep on growing and without losing the color or breaking.


  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Keep hair moist
  • Prevents flaky or dry scalp


  • The hood might not be wide and deep for big sized head
  • Hood is not adjustable
  • Might drip the hot water, so you might need to release the valve on the hood frequently to drain the excess water
  • The hood may not cover all the strands.

5. Deluxe Hair Steamer

This steamer can easily be used at the comfort of your home due to its’ remarkable and safety features.

It can be used on different types of hair since it has both low and high switch settings  enabling to choose the steam that best suits the needs of your hair, or the steam that deem fit to ensure your and also your scalp stay hydrated.

If you are in a hurry to rush somewhere then this is definitely the best choice to get your hair within a spur of time since it heats up so fast and ensures you achieve perfect and noticeable results.

Makes your hair shinny and smooth after you pre-condition with essential oils and then shampoo, since the steam ensures that the products evenly and deeply penetrate in your hair and your scalp.


  • Automatic shut off in case you forget to switch off the steamer.
  • Heats up so quick
  • Retains moisture in your hair


  • Reports of not lasting for long from some of the users.

6. KINGDOMBEAUTY Large 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer

This is another hair steamer with a 2-in-1 function that can be used to achieve both a healthy hair and a healthy skin.

Best choice to prevent itching of the scalp and growing of dandruff since it releases negatively charged ions while steaming your hair.

It has been encompassed with the best technology that helps cleanses all the build up from products and all the dirt thus living your hair clean and healthy.

If you are looking to revive your hair then look no further, because this steamer helps to repair damaged hair by releasing ionic water particles in your hair thus making it healthy and smooth.

Not only does this tool moisturizes and conditions your hair but also detangles and revives your hair living it smooth and healthy.

This definitely the best choice for those people who have damaged hair due to harsh chemicals or heat because this tool is perfect when it comes to helping your hair recover from all that damage.

With the best reviews this tool has received from verified users on Amazon, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to revive and restore their hair.


  • Automatic shut off which prevents overheating thus ensuring safety
  • Releases ionic particles that help revive damaged hair


  • It is easy for you to over-steam your hair since it has a large water reservoir.

Steaming Hair With Coconut Oil

Steaming Hair With Coconut Oil

My hair has benefitted greatly from weekly use of Coconut oil. My hair feels stronger, softer and smoother with every use. The moist air from the steamer along with the Coconut oil are a great combo! 

My favourite way of incorporating Coconut Oil into my hair regimen is by going under the steamer with it for 30 minutes. I apply the oil to dry unwashed hair.

I slather it on from root to tip and then clip the ends up. No plastic cap! The steam allows my cuticles to open up and absorb the oil and all it’s nutrients.  

Once 30 minutes is up, I proceed to co-wash my hair with a creamy instant conditioner (lately I’ve been using Aussie Moist Conditioner). My hair is then full of slip making it extremely easy to detangle.

Overall, I love this oil! Coconut oil really helps to add fullness and strength to my hair which comes in handy since I’m almost 8 weeks post relaxer!

What your favorite way of using Coconut oil in your regimen? What have you noticed since you’ve incorporated it into your hair routine?

Tips For How To Steam Natural Hair With Steamer

How To Steam Natural Hair With Steamer
How To Steam Natural Hair With Steamer
  • Always remember to follow the manual guide that accompanies the product before using the steamer
  • It is always recommended that you use distilled water with your hair steamer to ensure your machine last for a long time and also it is effective when it comes to generating the steam
  • Make sure that the water compartment is full before you start
  • Always start off with a clean hair to ensure that your conditioners and moisturizer efficiently penetrate during steaming
  • Make sure that all your strands are covered under the steamer to ensure heat is supplied evenly.
  • Always remember to empty the remaining water in the reservoir after completing your session so as to prevent build up of scum in your machine.
  • It is advisable to only steam your hair once a week, overdoing it will damage your hair

How Often should You Steam Your Hair?

This again depends on the condition. If your hair is relatively healthy, then “once a month, ideally,” says Jack. If your hair is very parched, “steam every 7-10 days,” advises Charlotte. “A weekly dose of steaming adds extra hydration to the hair and over time steam improves elasticity and moisture retention.”


If you are ready to purchase a hair steamer, you may analyze the above six steamers and pick the one that deem suitable for your hair needs.

If you are looking to restore or revive your hair, improve the status of your hair, or maintain healthy hair then the hair steamers are definitely the best styling tool for you.

Pick nothing but the best! Thanks for reading my post about how to steam natural hair with a steamer, Check out my other post about Have You Ever Tried To Wash Hair Without Shampoo Just Water


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