How to soften black male hair
How to soften black male hair

How to soften black male hair

How to soften black male hair? Your hair needs to be hydrated daily, whether you shampooed or otherwise, to replace hydration that is shed with completely dry disorders or interior heating.

A simple oil can be applied to the roots of your hair to make your hair appear softer and also aid you avoid flakes and also dry scalp.

Attempt sweet almond or coconut oil; use a little to your fingertips and also run your hands via your hair to disperse uniformly. Use a little oil every day, specifically when your hair really feels dry or breakable to the touch.

Decide on a hairdo that speaks to you and also collaborates with your face form. Cutting your head is one option, as is reducing it shut to the scalp with clippers and also.

If you like a more ethnic look, hairdos like a ‘fro, fears, or braids could give you a low upkeep appearance that gives you a much more individual style, however, if you’re visiting go that route, understand it calls for some job!

You don’t intend to be a servant to your design, so pick something that is very easy to preserve which will not need a lot of upkeep.

Picking products that are specifically produced you could help you acquire healthier, good-looking hair, as well as skin.

The majority of retail products readily available in pharmacies are created for the smoother hair shafts of other ethnic cultures.

Try to find products that do not contain alcohol, as well as another drying out elements as well as abundant in oils and moisturizers.

You might locate that purchasing at an elegance supply establishment or neighborhood barber store will produce you a higher selection of items you require.

One need to never ever brush the hair while it is moist. The brush puts a strain on the hair that can harm the hair follicles, as well as trigger early damage.

This can seriously slow the natural growth of the hair. Also, to completely dry, one needs to make use of a vast-toothed comb when styling the hair. This places much less anxiety on the strands as well as results in much less damage.

A hard brush needs to mainly utilized for achieving further waves. To merely lay your hair down, a soft brush will suffice, as it controls those random hairs that have the tendency to stick up. A tool brush does a little of both.

There are lots of creams around, however, it’s finest to explore different items to view what works the very best for your hair structure.

Bear in mind– the more all-natural, the better. Cream of Nature, Olive Creme, Carrot Creme, and also Movements Moisturizer prevail uses. Be on the keep an eye out for items having shea butter, coconut oil or olive oil.

These are primarily used simply for hold and also a definition, but pomades are a bit harmful due to the fact that they include oil.

If you do use items such as Indian Hemp, Doo Gro, Sportin Waves, Dax. Ensure that you don’t utilize excessively otherwise you’ll discover on your own managing clogged pores.

Watch these 5 hacks on how to soften black male hair in this youtube video

How to soften black male hair

How to soften black male hair – 5 hacks to softer hair

Here’s what I do to soften my hair:

  1. I only use sulfate free shampoo and that’s because the sulfate removes all of the oil present inside the hair. You can use brands like Cantu, Shea Moisture or Palmers. As for the conditionner get one from the same shampoo brand you choose.
  2. I put lotion on it twice a week or sometimes even once a week, depending on how long your hair can stay without getting dry. But since your hair is really tough, you can do that more often. I recommend using ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion.
  3. You could take an aggressive approach. Texturize your hair periodically with a relaxer apply a mild relaxer like Affirm Fiber guard.
  4. You could try a more natural approach moisturizing it with oil treatments weekly Phyto is a great line or make your own with coconut oil, shae and jojoba oils. Try PHYTO Huile d’Ales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment with essential oils, Dry Hair
  5. You could accept that you’re a black man with course kinky curly hair and your’e fabulous.

If you can get a spray bottle, fill it with warm water and 4 drips of Argan oil, that could help a lot.

You just need to spray some of it on your hair everyday after your shower, then comb it if you want. Although I’d highly recommend you comb it in order to avoid having messy hair.


I gave you my secret routine on how to soften black male hair and keep it moisturized under any circumstances. By keeping your hair moist you will reduced your experienced of hair breakage and allow your hair to grow faster.

The steps that i provided above make soften a black males hair so much more easier and produce results instantly.

please keep in mind that black males hair care is very important weather your goal is to soften your hair or not. always remember without proper hair care you will surely experience hair damage.

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