How long does Manic Panic last

How long does Manic Panic last? (Make it last longer)

I can assure you that the Manic Panic dye will last in your hair for about 2-3 weeks, and if you have lighter hair, it could last even longer. You’ll have to wash it more often than usual to get the dye out though.

It is important to keep certain factors in mind before experimenting with a certain color, such as the intensity and hold of said color.

The most important point people are forgetting is what color they decide to dye their hair. How do I know? Because I’m the sort of person that changes the color of my hair all the time.

That’s where i found Manic Panic Semi-permanent dyes in pretty colors like pink, violet, blue and green that make an impact.

I’ve been coloring my hair for over ten years, and every time I meet a client who asks for a drink the same color as my hair.

I make an impact on them and that’s why I also had to learn how to make the color of my hair last longer.

If you’re an avid fan of trying experimental colors in your hair, I’ll show you today:

  • Factors that affect how long Manic Panic hair dye lasts
  • How to get the color in your hair to last as long as possible:

How to make Manic Panic last longer with 5 golden rules?

It’s hard to find the perfect color, but there are a few ways to make it last longer. I’m going to teach you how to make your hair dye last longer with 5 golden rules, right now.

This information may seem hard to understand. But that’s how those of us who dye our hair with different colors would explain it.

First Golden rule:

When it comes to Manic Panic hair dye, be sure not to leave it in for thirty minutes like the package recommends- that was my mistake. 3 hours was enough for me!

I was surprised by how good the dye looked, and I noticed that it deposited a better pigment.

Unlike permanent dyes, Manic Panic doesn’t just dye your hair – it also conditions it because it’s vegan and doesn’t contain chemicals such as ammonia, parabens, or peroxide.

On the other hand, Manic Panic hair dye and restorative properties that moisturize and strengthen the hair.

After letting Manic Panic hair dye sit for three hours, I noticed that not only did the color look better but my hair also felt smoother and had more volume.

Second Golden rule:

It’s important to wash your hair every three days. And please don’t look like I am asking you to jump off a cliff.

If you wash your hair every day, the color will quickly fade. It’s dead simple. You can use styling products to make hair that’s been dirty for a day or so look clean in minutes

You can pull your hair back, make braids, or cover it up with a headscarf and have a variety of different options. And that leads me to another one of my rules.

Third Golden rule:

It’s important to choose the right hair products for your needs and lifestyle.

Quickly stop by Walmart to pick up your shampoo and conditioner!

Putting a little time into reading labels will help you care for your colored hair. There are certain products that work better than others and it’s not just about looking for the best products.

You will be able to differentiate which are the best shampoos for your colored hair because they should be sulfate-free and parabens-free.

I mentioned before that you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least three days. Do you remember?

Even though you don’t have to wash your hair very often, it can still look completely clean.


Using a dry shampoo.

This product detangles and cleans your hair without the need to use any water.

Fourth Golden rule:

To apply heat to your hair, use a hair dryer or wrap it in dry towels.

Once the color is evenly distributed, cover your head with a shower cap and start heating up your hair follicles with a hair dryer.

From what I’ve seen, the colors set better this way.

Fifth Golden rule:

You should wash your hair with cold water.

I know we’re not polar bears but the cold water makes the dye more vibrant. Hot water weakens the pigment in a way that we don’t want.

Factors that affect how long Manic Panic hair dye lasts in your hair

  1. Your base hair color.
  2. The shade of Manic Panic hair dye you choose is totally up to you.
  3. What time of day you spend in the sun.
  4. How well your hair reacts to the dye.
  5. Hair growth rate and thickness can vary from person to person.
  6. How often you wash your hair.
  7. How good you care for your hair.
  8. The type of shampoo and conditioner you’re using on your hair.

Darker hair colors tend to last longer than others.

When deciding on a hair color, it’s just as important to consider the color you dye your hair as your base hair color.

If you choose dark colors like red, purple, and green, it’ll stay for longer than lighter colors (like blue and pink).

Pastel shades will probably only last two to three weeks, whereas pastels could last six to eight weeks.

That’s a bit of a long time for me, especially if I don’t wash my hair as often.

How do you get rid of Manic Panic fast?

If you’re not happy with the color of your hair, then you may want to quickly find a way to get rid of it But please be patient!

Don’t be tempted to get rid of bad hair color by bleach. Instead, use a color remover that has less harmful chemicals than bleach does.

Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up. If you don’t have one, try using an anti-dandruff shampoo instead. Wash hair every day for a week or until the dye is out of your hair.


Manic Panic color will usually last for about one to three months, depending on your original hair color & how often you wash it. It may also depend on the shade and how long you’re in the sun.

After a while, your Manic Panic dyes might start to fade. In that case, you’ll need to apply them again after several weeks or months.


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