How long does heat protectant last

How long does heat protectant last?

The heat protectant lasts all day on natural hair so you can enjoy your day without worrying about the styling.

Heat protectant can last between 2-3 hours on straight hair, or 8-10 hours on curly hair.

Heat protector is a type of hair product that prevents heat from damaging hair. It is used for both straight and curly hair.

Heat protector is applied to the scalp and can be left in for up to 30 minutes before it’s washed out with shampoo.

This product is great for your hair if you want to avoid the damage caused by using heat tools on your head. It also prevents the dehydration that would otherwise cause unwanted breakage.

Your hair is protected by a shell created by the heat protectant that’s made of silicone. The film is able to protect the hair & create a luxurious feeling.

It doesn’t let any heat escape, so you can use it as much as you want (bake, steam, etc).

It’s as easy as that.

This hair care product does not provide moisturizing or nourishing benefits.

It’s essential to use a heat protectant when styling your hair, especially if you want it to reach its full potential.

This means using a product that can withstand high temperatures with ease.

Its an amazing product. You straighten or flatten your hair and hair is protected even after you finish styling it with heat.And it lasts until you finish using the tool. 

Why does heat protector last so short?

The heat protectant is not supposed to get into the hair core, instead protecting it from heat damage up top.

Heat causes the product to form a protective film over the surface of your hair, which is why it doesn’t penetrate.


If you applied the heat protectant the previous night & didn’t flat iron your hair, the product will still be in your hair.

However, if you flat iron your hair, the heat protectant will disappear as you straighten each of your strands.

It seems almost like common sense.

How often should I use heat protectant?

Many of my hair clients are wondering: how long does the heat protectant last on my hair after it’s been applied?

I was just remembering one of my former clients named Kimi.

She recently came in to touch up her blonde hair color. I noticed that her hair was much coarser than usual and that was over a decade ago.

Since I’ve known her for many years, I know she always keeps a good hair routine.Therefore, I know that Kimi irons her hair, at least twice a week.

This is what Kimi does, which is to flat iron her hair on Mondays. Then, on Wednesdays, she uses the flat iron again on some strands without washing her hair.

I had a hard time believing what she was saying, but I ended up believing her because of how blunt and honest she was.

Still, I insisted. “Kimi, do you use the protectant every time you flat iron your hair?” Her expression changed at that moment.

And she admitted that she only used her heat protector one day a week after washing it.

She didn’t apply the heat protectant on Wednesday or the following time she used the flat-iron.


because she thought the heat protectant was still effective after several days of using it on her hair.

Do you see the mistake?

She didn’t use the protectant after the first time she straightened her hair, which causes some of her waves to be damaged.

As we said before, the heat protectant had evaporated after styling the first time

So, if you curl or flat-iron your hair, and even if you use a blow-dryer, you should know how it works and how long it lasts.

Now it’s time to go deeper into the issues


Heat activates the heat protectant

Many people use heat protectants to keep their hair healthy throughout the longevity of their hairstyle.

They act as a layer of protection for against heat damage, which is especially important if you plan on using any type of heat-related tool.

It gives the hair an extra layer of protection to protect it from drying out and damaging.

70% of your hair is made up of water.

Water molecules inside the hair give it shine, softness, and body. The increase in moisture also causes the hairs to grow longer, stronger & thicker with every wash as well.

If you’ve ever flat-ironed, curled, or blow-dried your hair, you may have noticed that it’s been steamed in the process.

And that’s not because your hair is burning. That steamed is simply water that evaporates from the heat of a straightening iron or curling iron

What does the protectant do?

Protecting your hair with a heat protectant is an important preventative measure. These measures are especially important when you experience harsh heat conditions.

With the use of heat that is provided from a flat iron, silicones in the protectant will eventually evaporate.

Water molecules are not affected by heat and this process will help provide you with smooth hair.

When you use heat to straighten, curl or mold the hair strands, silicones are activated, which creates a protective barrier against moisture loss.

The heat protectant is activated by heat. When you’re done styling your hair, it will be completely gone.

So that’s why it’s important to not skip out on applying a heat protectant when you straighten your hair.


The silicones in the heat protector won’t protect your hair from the damaging effects of heat after they’ve completely evaporated.

The effects of the external factors, such as perspiration, the sun and the rain, or even your touch will degrade the silicon that is applied on the outside of your hair.

The heat protectant will last you as long as you flat iron or curl your hair when it’s a few hours later than that day or the following one.

Just remember to wait until the heat protectant has dried before you style with tools of your choice.

There are various types of heat protectant that vary in consistency. Some are thicker like oils, and others are lighter like a spray.

So, your hair should air dry before you flat iron or curl it, whether you used a heat protectant or not.


No matter what style of your hair, the heat protector will protect from heat damage. The only time when it degrades is when you are straightening or curling your hair, at which point its purpose is served and the silicone evaporates.

You can apply heat protectant before using your curling iron, or if you use blow dryers on a regular basis.

That way, you don’t have to worry about frying your hair in an instant! And remember that the protectant must air dry before you style your hair.


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