How long do you keep a weave in

How long do you keep a weave in?

How long do you keep a weave in? If you’re showing your sew-in love and taking proper care of it, it’ll last up to six to eight weeks. If you try to keep it in longer than that, you’re risking damage to your hair and scalp (aka irritation, excess oil buildup, and breakage). The easiest way to avoid any irritating side effects is to keep up with your appointments.

Wearing a sew-in for an extended period of time can serve as a protective hairstyle for your hair, but if you leave your weave or extensions in for longer than 2-3 months, you could have tangled hair or worse, matted hair.

How often do you perform your hair regimen? Do you shampoo wash your hair every two weeks? Do you “co-wash” (conditioner wash your hair) weekly or bi-weekly?

It’s important to continue the same routine and maintain care for your natural hair when you install a sew-in weave.

This can prevent dry hair and dandruff, as well as rinse out all of the products from your natural hair that you may have used during installation. If you have an especially moist scalp and sweat a lot, then it may be a sign that your hair isn’t drying properly.

What is a sew in weave?

A sew-in weave is a hair extension application method that involves the braiding of natural hair into cornrows, then sewing the wefts or tracks of hair onto the cornrows. Women who use the sew-in method are after length and volume.

Typically, extensions are made from human hair. This means they are of high quality but very delicate. To attach the hair extension without ruining it, a professional stylist will create cornrows along the scalp and then firmly sew the tracks onto the braids.

The type of hair extensions used for the installation depends on your budget and your needs. At Hair Extensions Inc., we offer 4 different grades of hair that range from Good to Best.

Can you wash a sew-in?

For people that are worried about doing their own sew-in, it’s a good idea to go see a stylist. But if you absolutely have to wash it yourself, you’ll need a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner.

It is suggested that washing be done from your ends to your roots, using a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush to distribute the product.

You’ll also want to make sure your weave and the braids underneath it are completely dry before styling your hair.

If you don’t let your braids dry completely, sometimes mildew or fungus can grow on certain parts of your scalp, leaving you with tons of irritation.

As a general rule of thumb, always consult with your stylist during your installation so they can tell you how to best maintain your sew-in. All extensions are different and require specific maintenance.

How to Make Your Sew-in Weave Last Long

Sew-ins are hair extensions, but they need to be treated as though they were your actual hair. This is because they are usually made from human hair and are not receiving any nutrients from your scalp. Some of the highly recommended tips include:

Use of Top Quality Hair Products

Be gentle when brushing your hair. Improper care will result in deterioration of your bundles faster than expected. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when cleaning your sew-ins.

In fact, sew-ins should be treated better than you would treat your natural hair! Use conditioning products that leave hair soft and easy to manage.

When washing your sew-in weave, it is important to start at the roots and work your way up. This will reduce breakage and prevent tangling.

Make sure to dry your sew-in weave from the roots to the ends with a clean, dry towel or use a curl definer. Take time for it and use low heat. The curls will look great once you’re done!

Wrap Your Hair When Going to Bed

Yes, even sew-ins need to be wrapped when you go to bed. Before lying down to sleep, cover your hair with a satin bonnet, hair wrap, or scarf. This will keep your ends from bothering you in the morning. If you’d rather not tie your hair, then I’d recommend investing in a satin pillow case.You can even tie your hair in a ponytail to prevent tangling as you toss and turn in your sleep.

Regularly Wash Your Hair

Your installed sew-in should be shampooed at least once every two weeks. Regular shampooing helps in maintaining your hair, your extension’s sheen and texture. Pay more attention to the ends of your hair, as they tend to be the driest part.

Apply a generous amount of sulfate-free conditioner to this portion and gently untangle it. Once all the product has been rinsed out, allow both your hair and extensions to fully dry. You should either air-dry it or sit under a dryer.

Failure to let your hair fully dry could lead to a bad smell or even mold. The best way to ensure proper drying is to get your sew-in weave maintained by a professional.

Use Moisturizing Products

It is important that your sew-in is as comfortable and moist as it could possibly be since the strands are not growing from your scalp. Over-shampooing your hair can lead to drying of your scalp and strands. Remember to use natural oils and keep your cornrows in perfect condition.

Apply a heat protectant

If you are styling your sew-in, a heat protectant is an important addition to your hair tools. Severe damage to your hair may result if using tools that can reach high temperatures too often. It is important to brush your hair in a downward motion and to remove tangles toward the roots.


To prevent contact with chlorinated water and maintain your hair’s natural moisture, wear a swim cap. If you don’t wear a swim cap, please thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair after swimming. Generally, it’s important to ensure your hair is clean at all times.

Deep Conditioning

This can be done at least once a week. Soak your extensions in lukewarm water with a generous amount of conditioner added. Let it sit for about 30 minutes, thoroughly rinse out all the product and allow it to dry naturally. If a hair dryer must be used, let it be on its cool setting.

How do you Tell it’s Time to Take Out Your Sew-in?

Eventually, you need to take out your hair extensions. Your hair is constantly growing (which is a sign that it’s healthy and well protected), so it’s important to keep it healthy and well-protected. After two to three months, your hair will grow in and push the extension down, so you’ll need to take it out.


Do not ignore the timeframe. A healthy sew-in cycle is usually 6-8 weeks before you take it down and reinstall it. We all want beautiful hair, so be sure to take out your sew-in within 8 weeks of installation. One can switch up their style as many times as they wish, most times using the same extensions.


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