Does manic panic wash out completely

Does manic panic wash out completely?

Like many semi-permanent hair dyes, Manic Panic does wash out completely. However, it is important to select the line that best suits the desired time for coloring.

The Classic High Voltage and Amplified lines last from 4 to 6 weeks, while the Creamtones line lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. This may change depending on your hair care routine.

If you want to try a Manic Panic color that will not wash out of your hair and leave residues, we recommend these light pastel shades like Sunstroke, Wishful Dressing, Tangible Embers or Capricious Cinderella.

More intense colors like Hot Pink, Fuschia Shock, Mystic Heather, and Cotton Candy can leave traces of color after washing.

How long does Manic Panic take to wash out?

Most people think that Manic Panic will wash out after a few washes. But the truth is it takes time and effort to wash out.

It takes about 3-4 weeks for the color to start fading, but it can take up to 2-3 months for all of it to wash out.

This is because Manic Panic hair dye is semi-permanent and not permanent, so it will only last until your hair grows out.

Which Manic Panic colors take the longest to wash out?

A dark color might not wash out as easily compared to a light one. It leaves more of a residue and is more persistent.

So chances are, you will still have traces of color for a few more weeks than what is indicated by the time limit of Manic Panic which is 4-6 weeks.

It’s not going to be as intense as in the first few days, but trust me – at the end of six weeks, the stubborn pigments will be just like they were playing hide-and-seek.

There’s another factor to consider.

Manic Panic has a variety of color lines. Some come in more intense or subtle shades than others and we’re happy to fill you in.

For example, Manic Panic Amplified hair dye provides brighter and stronger colors that are hard to wash out. Do you want to know about them?

  • Blue: Lie Locks, Rockabilly Blue, Celestine Blue, Blue Moon, Shocking Blue, Voodoo Blue
  • Green: Serpentine Green, Green Envy, Enchanted Forest, Electric Lizard
  • Orange: Electric Lava, Psychedelic Sunset
  • Pink: Cotton Candy, Cleo Rose, Pretty Flamingo
  • Grey: Alíen Grey
  • Violet: Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, Deep Purple Dream, Deadly Nightshade
  • Red: Vampire Red, Wildfire. While it’s true that the red options will stay in your hair for a long time, you should also know that this is not a instant result.
  • Black: Raven. Red is a great color tone that will not wash out for long

You should always remember that you need at least a light blonde 8 base color to apply these colors. 

The color you get may not match the Manic Panic color pigment. One way to make sure is to do a strand test before you commit to it.

If you want to color Manic Panic dye over your bleached hair, it’s important to bleach the hair first. The method is foolproof, and you’ll find out if it works for you.

If you want the color to wash out like it should in the time suggested by the manufacturer, you will have to choose the color properly.

Manic Panic colors that are easy to wash out

Manic Panic offers more intense colors as well as one that are not as intense for those who want a lesser-intense color.

Manic Panic hair dyes are lighter in color and fade within four weeks, according to the manufacturer.

The Creamtones line has a range of gorgeous colors, but extra light blond hair is needed to work with the products. No matter how light you are naturally, it is necessary.

These hair colors are:

  • Velvet Violet
  • Blue Ángel
  • Fleurs Do Mal
  • Sea Nymph
  • Dreamsicle

On top of that good news. Manic Panic also has other hair dye products so that you can choose the color of your hair exactly how you want to: Manic Mixer Pastel-izer.

Manic Panic can be created in a color that you want by mixing it with other colors. Some of the colors can be found on the brand website or you can make a mix that is unique to your needs.

When you mix Manic Mixer with a pastel tone, their pigmentation becomes weaker and softer.That’s why you’ll need to bleach your hair to apply them!

You could save yourself a trip to the hair salon by doing a strand test, as if your hair is blonde, you can experiment with dyeing it on small sections of hair to see how it looks before committing.

  • Comb your hair into a ponytail and then tug on a strand at the back to release its grip.
  • Wait 20 minutes before covering the dried section of hair with Manic Panic.
  • Rinse and blow-dry your hair.

What do you think of the color? Is it what you were looking for? Do you want it lighter or darker?

You now have a good base to start from in order to reach your goal

To see how the color will wash out of your hair, you need to wait 7 days and then wash your hair.

  • If your hair is dull and faded, then this means it will wash out in less than six weeks.
  • Alternatively, if you didn’t change the intensity of the color or essentially wash it all out, you’ll probably need to use some other ways to remove the color residue from your hair.

How easily does Manic Panic wash out?

Manic Panic is a semi-permanent hair dye that washes out with shampoo. The hair dye is applied to the hair and it will last for around 5-8 weeks.

The Manic Panic hair dye is also water soluble and will wash out of the hair with just shampoo.

There are some people who have experienced Manic Panic not washing out of their hair effectively, but this is rare.

Manic Panic is a semi-permanent hair dye that is often used by people who are looking to change their hair color.

The product can be washed out with shampoo, but this process can take up to 12 washes.

How to wash off Manic Panic hair dye that lingers after 6 weeks

Manic Panic can be very hard to get out of your hair. So before you wash it out, think about what kind of hairstyle you want to get.

  • For a more permanent change, it’s better to use traditional hair dyes. They will completely cover the colours from Manic Panic because they use a 20-volume developer and will also strip any remaining colour quickly.
  • If you’re unsure what color to dye your hair, or if you want to get rid of Manic Panic and stick with something more natural, then use a clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoos clean off any chemicals or color pigmentation from the hair so you can keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Some of the most popular ones are:

Any of these options will help get rid of Manic Panic hair dye

All you have to do is use a clarifying shampoo instead of your regular one and leave it on for three to five minutes.

Manic Panic is a good natural hair dye because you can use it up to three times in one week, and it will be washed out within the span of a few weeks.


Manic Panic’s more intense colors can take up to six weeks to wash out because they contain stronger pigment.

One great way to figure out how long Manic Panic hair dye will last is to perform the strand test. It’ll show you how long it will take for it to fully wash out.


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