Can You Mix Adore Hair Dye With Developer

Can You Mix Adore Hair Dye With Developer?

You can’t mix an Adore hair dye with a developer. Adore doesn’t need any other additives- it’s that complete! There are no harsh chemicals in Adore hair dye, which means it doesn’t permanently alter your hair colour.

Semi-permanent dyes work by penetrating the outer part of your coloured hair. This layer is called the cuticle and it protects the core of your natural hair from damage so you can get as many colours as you want without affecting your natural tresses.

In this post, I will explain how to mix hair dye with developers and the best ways to go about doing it. There are several reasons why you would want to make sure that you’re mixing a hair dye and developer that complement each other:

Can You Use Developer With Adore Dye?

Adore dye is not recommended to be use with a developer so you should avoid mixing it in. Adore hair dye and other semi-permanent dyes are not made to be used with developer because they’re only temporary. With a little patience, your natural color will return.

When you use a developer, it opens the cuticles of your hair to allow the dye to penetrate and fix in, but with semi-permanent dye you want this as you will eventually wash it out.

Semi-permanent hair colors typically last between 4 and 8 weeks. So, if you’re someone who only needs your color it for the weekend or needs to be reapplied because of frequent washes, Adore can work well for you. If you want something long lasting, Adore might not be the best option because a permanent developer is required.

Adore dyes have a “No Ammonia”, “No Peroxide” and “No Alcohol” formula. They pride themselves on having natural ingredients, which is why it’s so easy for people to think that they can mix Adore with developer which can be detrimental.

Please do not add hydrogen peroxide to your hair dye as it is not a part of the formula and it can make things worse.

How Do You Use Adore Hair Dye At Home?

Congratulations! Being a DIY’er just got a lot easier. Adore hair dye is so easy to use you don’t need developer and has even better coverage than other mainstream brands.

Adore’s quality hair colouring products also does wonders for your hair since it takes the damage risk out of having your hair coloured in a salon.

Adore hair dye is a popular brand for those looking to maintain their natural colour but want a little extra care. It comes in two different semi-permanent options, one with Argan Oil, vitamin E and aloe vera to help heal dry brittle hair.

The best way to apply Adore hair dye is up to you; some people like working with wet or damp hair, while others prefer dry hair.

To achieve the color shown on the box, 10 minutes is usually enough time to keep the dye in your hair. If you want a more vibrant color, then 20-30 minutes would be recommended.

Leave the dye in for twenty minutes and you’ll have vibrant color. Leaving it in for longer than this risks oversaturating your hair, and it can lead to your color being way too intense after every wash.

When you make a change to your hair color, it’s good to wait a 2 days before washing it. It makes the color last longer and reduces the chance of messing up your tresses. After the time has passed, simply rinse away any remaining dye and dry your hair.

Can You Mix Developer With Semi-Permanent Dye?

You can’t mix developers and semi-permanent dyes, or you’ll ruin the dye & your hair will turn out patchy.

If you’re using a semi-permanent color then mixing that with a developer will not give you the desired effect. Semi-permanent colors require a bonding agent to work and developers are made for permanent colors which cannot be changed.

It’s not that this option can be used to lighten your semi-permanent dye. Developer would only work on its own or if mixed with something lighter.

Never mix any hair dye with permanent/semi-permanent colour in the developer, regardless of volume or form.

Can You Put Developer In Permanent Color?

Yes, of course! Developer has been made specifically for lifting hair cuticles for the best possible look and durability. A developer would leave the hair in good condition with vibrant color that looks amazing.

When you bleach your hair, you to make sure that the pigment from your natural hair gets in there. When you color your hair, it should get in deep so the rest of the process will work properly.

Permanent hair dye usually needs to go deep into the cortex of your hair. When you’re mixing your color, make sure to include a developer in it so that it can stay put for multiple washings.

One of the main ingredients in developer is hydrogen peroxide, which you may want to find an option with more or with less peroxide.

Can You Use Developer By Itself?

Developer is a safe and natural way to lighten hair. Although the change will be gradual, it will initially only lighten your hair by one level.

If you try using a developer directly on its own, you should use a 20 volume developer instead. These developers contain less ammonia and are less harmful to your hair. To start with, use it in the same way that you would when bleaching your hair.

This process is significantly less damaging to your hair than going through the bleaching process.

Bleaching your hair will never be safe in the long-term, as bleach powder can severely dry out & damage hair. You don’t need to bleach it after just one use—it’s best to use a developer so the damage is minimal (safe enough for lightening)

What Type Of Developer Is Used With Demi-Permanent Colors?

Developer with a low volume of peroxide (think 10 volume) should be used when handling demi-permanent colors.

When using demi-permanent dye, it’s important to mix it with hair developer in order to activate it. Mixing too much can cause the dye to effectively ruin your hair.

The risk of oxidation is greater with demi-permanent color since they are free of ammonia. While the Adore semi-perm hair dye is also free of ammonia, the very intent of these products is to be different from each other in that one reacts differently to developer.

Demi-permanent hair dyes are often less dramatic than semi-permanent ones, but they can be used on different tones of hair.

Can You Mix Developer With Different Brand?

You should only mix and match different brands of developer if you have a trained professional. If not, the colors might not blend correctly.

Many people underestimate the complexity of styling hair. The constant contact with chemicals and the precise measurements are an essential part of the trade. And hair stylists can’t afford to make mistakes, otherwise they could ruin a clients’ locks!

It would be unheard of to mix similar vials in a lab, even a seasoned stylist could easily mix up labels and ruin someone’s hair. For this reason, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Conclusion: Mixing Adore Hair Dye With Developer

In order to permanently or semi-permanently change the shade of your hair, developers are a must. It’s essential to be careful when handling them though, and for the sake of your hair to only use it in combination with semi-permanent color.

When using dyes, always read the instructions carefully. If necessary, go to a professional for help.


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