Can latinas wear head wraps
Can latinas wear head wraps

Can latinas wear head wraps

Are you confused about can a latinas wear turbans, head wraps, headscarves, or hair coverings? It’s okay. A lot of people are as misconceptions and claims about cultural appropriation are widespread these days.

As a result, one of the most common questions our team receives is Can latinas wear head wraps. Our answer — anyone who wants to look chic with minimal effort.

I am a mixed Latina with A LOT of curls (mostly 3b with some 3c). As a result, styling and keeping my hair moisturized day after day becomes difficult without rewetting/taking another shower.

I always thought that using a head wrap would be a wonderful way to protect and take a break from pulling my back into buns.

Plus, I think that the cultural component to the head wraps makes them extra special. However, because i’am not well-educated in African culture nor am I African-American, I fear that I may offend someone who is of African descent.

What is your opinion? Do you think it is okay for a latina girl, who are also not of African descent, to wear a head wrap?

Can latinas wear head wraps or is it cultural appropriation

Hey! Yes of course! Any one can wear a head wrap! Why would a head wrap be exclusive only to someone of African descent?

Sorry just sounds crazy to me! you can get some nice ones, I would love to wear one but I have a small head so I don’t like wearing head wraps or head bands lol

What culture would you be appropriating? Women in all countries and cultures throughout history have always worn headscarves.

The square scarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chin has been universally worn by women throughout Europe and the US, and still is.

Later on in the late 1960’s it also became fashionable to tie it behind the head. Some black women in the US might wear the scarf tied behind the head or wrapped around turban style as shown in the picture, but they weren’t the first to wear it and don’t own it.

Throughout much of human history in the middle east, Europe and the US covering the head with a hat, scarf or turban of some kind when outside the house was the norm especially for women and in many cases for men as well.

In fact it was considered indecent, rude or inappropriate to NOT cover the head when outdoors in public spaces until quite recently.

European paintings from the mid 1000’s and beyond show women wearing turbans and head and neck coverings very similar to the kinds some Muslim women are currently wearing.

There’s also a very similar kind of hat that’s been around since at least the mid 20th century, and is worn in cold weather.

It covers the head and neck with just an opening for the face. Some have a scarf attached. Photographs from the early to mid 20th century show many American and European women wearing headscarves and turbans.

The concept of “cultural appropriation” is very flawed as it is, but it applies only to a few very limited situations, which do not include the wearing of clothing.

To appropriate something is to take it away from someone so they no longer have it. When you wear a garment you’re not taking it away from anyone.

There’s no shortage of scarves and hats and clothing in the world. No one is deprived of a scarf or hat just because other people are wearing them.

How do you wear or tie a headwrap for Latina Women

The Gigantic Bow

  • Step 1: Start by gathering your hair into a topknot. Place the headwrap at the back of your head, making sure the fabric is lowered to the nape of your neck. Then, pull ends towards the front.
  • Step 2: Tie the wrap into a knot at the center.
  • Step 3: Fold the fabric until it creates an oversized bow.
  • Step 4: Hide the ends of the wrap by tucking them into the bow flaps.

The Looped Headband

  • Step 1: Pull your locks up into a high bun or Afro puff. Fold the headwrap in half and place it at the back of your head before pulling ends towards the front.
  • Step 2: Tie the wrap into a double-knot at the center.
  • Step 3: Tuck the ends of the fabric underneath towards the nape of your neck.
  • Step 4: Slide the fabric back just enough until it has the feel of a headband.

The Spiral Headband

  • Step 1: Pull your hair into a high ponytail or bun. Fold the headwrap in half so that it’s lowered to the nape of your neck.
  • Step 2: Pull the fabric towards the front and off-center, then tie into a knot.
  • Step 3: Combine the two separate ends by twisting into one large spiral rope.
  • Step 4: Tuck the spiral on one side at the nape.

The Sophisticated Knot

  • Step 1: Style hair into cornrows or another slicked-back style. Fold the headwrap in half so that it’s lowered to the nape of your neck and covering your ears.
  • Step 2: Pull the fabric towards the front and tie into a double-knot.
  • Step 3: Tuck the ends of the fabric into wrap so your hair is completely covered.
  • Step 4: Lower the headwrap so that it sits comfortably.

Want to see how latinas tie a headwrap in action? Here are our favorite tutorials from YouTube

how to tie a headwrap

Conclusion – Can latinas wear head wraps

Thanks guys for reading my article about Can latinas wear head wraps, My take on this issue is to wear whatever you want and don’t let people stop you from expressing yourself.

However, do note that you may be met with resistance and people may want to hate you for it.

Too many cultures wear head scarves for too many different reasons for anyone to have appropriated the practice from anyone else.

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