Can Black People Have Red Hair

Can Black People Have Red Hair? Common Factors and Misconceptions

There is no scientific evidence that black people cannot have red hair. There is only a cultural perception that they can’t because it’s not common in the US.

People of Black descent come in a variety of shapes, colors & sizes and have been historically characterized through racist media or negative stereotypes as having kinky hair. But are they also allowed to have RED hair? We’ll find out.

In the next few minutes, you’ll be able to answer questions like: can Black people grow red hair? What’s the cause of Red hair? How many redheads are there?

It’s been generally believed that black people can only have dark-colored hair. This is not the case, though – in fact, it sounds like a rare occurrence when a black person has red hair. This section will briefly cover why that might be:


Albinism is a condition caused by a lack of melanin pigment (skin color). This usually leads to much fairer skin, hair, and eyes.

When many people think of an albino person they might picture someone with white hair without pigment, light eyes and light-colored eyebrows. Most people don’t know but there are different types of albinism.

Red-haired people are typically associated with the Albinism type called “rufous Albinism,” one of the rarest forms of Albinism. The following traits are characteristic to this type:

  • Red hair
  • Brown or blue eyes
  • A golden or bronze skin color

There are many types of Albinism and this type is caused by a mutation in the TYRP1 gene, meaning that the body cannot produce brown melanin pigment.

Genetic Causes

Red hair is often due to a gene mutation in MCR1, which all humans may have. The gene mutation prompts an overproduction of pheomelanin, the reason behind the physical features common in people with red hair.

Redheads are quite an oddity. To have red hair, both parents need to have the MCR1 mutated gene passed down the generations.

Mixed Lineage

I don’t believe that there are genuinely pure black people. Most African Americans have some other race in their family. Black Americans with heritage from Europe may have red hair, for example.

If you’ve ever taken a DNA test to learn more about your ethnicity, you know what it’s like to be captivated and surprised by results.

Health Conditions in Redheaded People

Red hair can be striking, whether you have black or fair skin. It’s just as important to know the possible side effects that accompany it though.

We will go into detail on each of them below:

  1. Increased risk of cancer. Those with red hair are more at risk of cancer, just not any old cancer. In the most serious types -like melanoma- their mutated MCR1 gene doesn’t bind to the PTEN gene This is why redheads have a really high risk of getting this type of cancer. Redheads should take extra care when it comes to natural sun-protection or finding clothes that shield you.
  2. Unsightly birthmarks. People with red hair tend to have large birthmarks more often than people with other hair colors. Though this does happen in multiple people, it disproportionately affects those with red hair.
  3. Increased incidence of Parkinson’s disease – It turns out that people with red hair are also at a higher risk of skin cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Scientists aren’t as sure why there may be heightened risks.
  4. For reasons unknown to professionals, redheads have higher sensitivity to pain. It is often necessary for redheads to take a larger dose of anesthesia in order not to feel any pain during surgery.

Cool Facts About Black Redheads

It’s understandable that being a redhead can be difficult in some cases, but there are also some advantages. In this section of the article, we’ll discuss the perks of being a black redhead.

Black Redheads Are Rare

It’s estimated that redheads make up only 1 or 2% of the world population–making them much rarer than most people think. But some redheads are also black, which is extremely rare.

While being different can be a positive thing, it has its disadvantages. For example, some black-haired redheads feel lonely because of their position in the world.

Sadly, finding people with traits like theirs is often difficult because it can be caused by rare human genetics. That’s why you often see black redheads with mental health issues.

Note: Listen to what people with different features and characteristics have to say, as well as those buying certain products. For example, if somebody’s black hair is lighter or they’re wearing makeup that lightens their skin, it is possible that there are underlying reasons for this person changing their appearance. Become a friend to someone in need, they might really appreciate your kindness.

Redheads Don’t Go Gray

There are a lot of great things about having a black redhead, one of which includes the fact that they don’t get grey hairs.

This is because when someone who isn’t a natural redhead loses their hair color pigment as they age, it can take on gray or silver tones.

Not all hair changes color the same way– people with black hair can go grey while people with red hair will go white. While it might not be everyone’s preference to go white instead of grey, it can’t be denied that this is interesting!

Redheads Have Low Hair Density

There’s no question that people with red hair have less hair than those without it. The average person without red hair has around 150,000 strands of hair on their head.

Red hair is often seen as a negative simply because it has less density. Though this may be true, red hair often has more thickness than other colors, which can help make up for the lower density.

Redheads Burn Easily in The Sun

It is well documented that redheads cannot stay in the sun long. The sun immediately burns them and they are forced to retreat indoors as soon as they get too hot.

In the same vein, redheads produce their own vitamin D instead of using food or sunlight to make their own vitamin D.

Redheads Are Often Left-Handed

Redheads are often left-handed while most of the population is right-handed, which is yet another difference between these two groups.

Bees Love Redheads

There have been some studies done on why bees are attracted to redheads. One thing scientists found is that their bright hair and fair skin possibly resembles a flower from the point of view of an insect.

All redheads are different and they don’t necessarily all share the same traits, that said some of the following facts may be applicable to a certain number of them. The following section will go through some of more general statistics that apply to quite a few.

Cultural Downsides to Being A Redhead

People with red hair often face discrimination because of the ridiculous myths about them. Here are some of the unbelievable things that people have believed, or continue to believe, about them:

  • There are countries that believe in the power or dark magic of redheads; perhaps this is because there was an ancient time where witches with red hair used to exist.
  • It is said that people with red hair are more emotional or reactive than the general population. Scientific research has shown this to be untrue, yet the belief persists.
  • Many people believe that redheads were once supernatural beings
  • There’s a common misconception that redheads are different compared to people with other hair colors and might not have a soul.

With the amount of harassment that redheads experience, it’s a shame. It’s a very real problem and needs to be addressed

For black redheads, the racial tension in society can also bring about negative personal interactions.


Throughout this article you’ve learned the causes of red hair in black people and some facts about them.

We want to make sure you know that redheads can have specific health concerns and face cultural barriers in addition to the sensitivity they may get with their hair color.

If you see a black person with red hair, don’t be surprised and try to treat them the same way you would someone with brown hair so they can feel included.


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