Are butterfly locs heavy

Are butterfly locs heavy or lightweight? (How much do they weigh)

There is a common misconception that butterfly locs are heavy and weigh down your hair. But, this is not true.

Locs are a protective style that many women of color choose to wear. They are also called “butterfly locs” because of the way they look.

Butterfly locs are heavy when they are new and need to be moisturized and conditioned regularly.

Once your locs have been in for a while, they will start to form their own shape and weight which will depend on the size of the loc.

Butterfly locs can be worn in different ways with different weights depending on how you want them to feel on your head.

How much do butterfly locs weigh?

I was curious to know the weight of my butterfly locs. I’m sure they don’t weigh a lot, but it’s always been on my mind.

The people who do the butterfly locs tend to measure their length of the hair and count the amount and gotten an inaccurate number.

The weight of locs depends on the length, thickness, and density of the hair. Generally, butterfly locs weigh between 10-20 ounces.

Are butterfly locs lightweight?

Yes, Butterfly locs are lightweight, but there is no way to know if it will be comfortable for you until you try it out.

It’s important to consider how long your natural hair is, the thickness of your hair, and how tightly you want your locs to be wrapped before deciding if this style is right for you.

What about wet butterfly loc how much do they weigh?

It makes a lot of sense that wet butterfly locs are heavier than dry ones, as they soak up water like a sponge. This can contribute to their weight. Again, the length and age of your butterfly locs determines how much water your hair retains.

Before getting out of the shower, make sure to squeeze as much water out of your butterfly locs as possible.

You don’t want to make a mess on the floor! Wrap your towel around your hair so that the dampness can be absorbed.

It’s hard to say how heavy butterfly locs are when wet but it can add 1-2 pounds of extra weight.

Are butterfly locs supposed to be heavy?

Some people believe that the heavier the loc, the better. This is not always true because there are many factors that can affect the weight of your butterfly locs. For example, the length of your hair and thickness will have an impact on how heavy your locs are.

Locs should be tight enough to stay in place but they should not be so tight that it feels like you’re wearing a helmet on your head. The weight of your locs is also determined by how tightly or loosely you wrap them around your head.

How heavy can butterfly locs be?

Butterfly Locs are not a heavy hairstyle. They are light and can be styled in many different ways. The weight of the locs depends on the size of the locs. Bigger locs will weigh more than smaller ones.

Butterfly locs are a type of loc hair extension that is used to make thicker and fuller looking locs. It is heavier than regular loc extensions, but it does not weigh down your hair as much as cornrows do because it is only one row of hair instead of two or three rows like in cornrows.

Are butterfly locs heavier than your natural hair?

This question is an interesting one. Many people believe that butterfly locs are heavier than natural hair because they seem to pull the hair down and create a lot of tension. But, in reality, it’s not true.

Locs are not heavy at all. They don’t weigh more than your natural hair does because they don’t have any weight to them.

That is why butterfly locs are so easy to wear for long periods of time without any discomfort or pain on the scalp.

Using wax and products that cause buildup increases butterfly locs weight

Waxing your butterfly locs is a myth. It only makes it difficult to manage and clean them, which will make them feel lifeless and heavy.

Creamy or thick products will clog your pores. Stick to more natural products with no fragrances and parabens, like oils.

Thickness and Length of the butterfly locs increases the weight

Newly installed butterfly locs should weigh the same as when your hair is loose. You may not notice a difference immediately; however, with age, weight and length will eventually be noticeable in the weight of your locs.

If you already have thick hair, it will gradually turn into dense butterfly locs. They look great and are healthy at first, but may put pressure on the scalp when your hair grow in length.

If you’re experiencing reduced hair volume at the roots or neck pain & headaches from your butterfly locs, they might be too long.

Trimming your butterfly locs doesn’t have to be a terrible experience and some people find it one of the most painless ways to take care of their hair.

Like any trend, there are plenty of ways that you can style your butterfly. The latter is not recommended as it can lead to major hair breakage

Can butterfly locs get too heavy?

The weight of the locs will depend on the size of the locs. Smaller locs will be lighter and bigger ones will be heavier.

The weight also depends on how tight you wrap them. If you wrap them loosely, they will weigh less but if you wrap them tightly, they can get heavier.


Butterfly locs can be heavy if you have too many or if they are too long. If you have too many, it’s because you might not be able to manage them well enough to keep them from getting tangled.

If your locs are too long, it’s because they weigh more as they grow and can become heavier as time goes on.


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